Nicole and Anthony

Nicole's Proposal in The train station, while we were waiting for our train into NYC to arrive!

How We Met

Anthony and I met when we worked together at Hooters while we were both in college! We worked together for about a year before we really ever spoke to each other or became friendly. All of that changed after Ant asked me multiple times if I liked Nicki Minaj (because my nickname then was Nikki, BUT my real name IS Nicole)

how they asked

Every year for the past five years, we have taken the train into New York at Christmas time to see the tree, get a new tree ornament and spend the day in the city. This year, was just a little different than the rest! As we were waiting for our train to arrive, Ant got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I could hardly get out any words other than “Are you serious?” and “OMG!” before Ant asked me if that was a yes and I screamed “YES!”