Nicole and Anthony

How We Met

Anthony and I officially met at my 19th birthday party in August 2015. My twin brother invited him along with some of our other friends from church. I didn’t know Anthony at the time, I had only seen him via social media. The first time he laid eyes on me, he had a hard time looking away! I noticed his eyes kept drifting towards me, so I decided to spark up a conversation with him. I remember asking him if he was in school. I figured it was something to get the conversation going and it would give him a reason to stare at me (lol). The night went on but we remained cordial. It wasn’t until the month of October 2015 my older brother was getting married to his best friend, Angelica—and I was discovering mine (Anthony). We really connected the weekend of my brother’s wedding. We ate brownie brittle together, watched movies, laughed and at our departure, we exchanged numbers. That was the start of our six-hour video chats and long phone calls. Anthony brought such a joy to my life and more than that, he brought peace.

how they asked

It was Sunday, June 17th, 2018 (Father’s Day). We had just had a great service and everyone was fellowshipping in the sanctuary. I was talking amongst some of my close friends when a leader silenced the congregation to make an “announcement”. Usually, when that happens, it’s nothing major, so I was under the impression that this time would be similar—not so much. I noticed Anthony standing on the pulpit with the leader and I wondered why. The leader asked me to come up and my heart exploded with anxiety and curiosity.

Proposal Ideas The International Church of Metro Detroit

As soon I made it towards the front, Anthony took the mic and started expressing his love to me. The words that stuck with me were, “will you make me the happiest man by marrying me?” He was down on one knee, holding the most beautiful ring, looking me in my eyes while the congregation was going crazy! At that moment everything seemed so surreal. It felt like a dream that I didn’t want to wake up from, but when I told him “yes!” and he slid the ring on my finger, I realized it was not only our reality, but one of our biggest prayers that God granted us—no longer just in the subtle moments of sincerity, but before all men.

Nicole's Proposal in The International Church of Metro Detroit

Special Thanks

Alora Rachelle Brown
 | Photographer
Ashe’ Lewis
 | Planning
Mikayla Wilson
 | Videographer