Nicole and Andy

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How We Met

It all started when we went on a group trip to Jamaica with a group of friends. It’s been true love ever since. I found My soulmate & my best friend all in one.

how they asked

On January 4, 2018, we were on a trip to Disney world with my fiancé’s family for 10 days. Little did I know That the last day of vacation was going to be the best day of my life. We were at the magic kingdom & wearing matching T-shirt’s so we wanted to get a picture in our shirts while the castle with all the pretty lights they had on the castle from the holidays.

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While we were walking to the castle, of course, everyone decides to go to the bathroom & we split up. We get to the castle & we took our picture in our shirts as he’s looking for everyone to come back. I didn’t understand why he kept looking for everyone & after we took the picture I kept telling him to keep going since there was a parade going on.

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Little did I know He was looking for his brother to get back from the bathroom & MY PARENTS. As soon as he saw my parents were watching us, he got down on one knee & asked me to marry him. Then he told me to look behind me & that’s when I saw my mom & Dad. I had no idea they were coming or even in the same state as me. Our families didn’t know he was planning on proposing besides our parents. So it was a complete surprise for everyone! So unbelievably happy & can’t wait to start planning my Disney themed wedding!

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