Nicole and Andrew

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How We Met

At a mutual friends birthday party in a Dance Hall in Dallas first laid eyes on the woman I would marry. The entire night we hardly talked and I spent most of the night trying to learn how to dance and mustering up the courage to ask Nicole to dance. It took nearly three hours of practice before I had enough confidence to ask, but from the first steps we took together on that dance floor we both knew that this was going to be something much more than just one dance…

how they asked

During our amazing vacation to Colorado, I planned a horse drawn sleigh ride through the mountains for me and my now Fiance! I woudn’t tell her what we were doing or where we were going, only that she needed to dress warm.

I had already spoken with the driver of the sleigh to warn them of my plan to ask her and to ensure they were willing to document our amazing moments for us with pictures! When we walked out of the lodge to sign in for our tour she was immediately fill with joy that we were going on a sleigh ride and couldn’t wait to meet the horse (She LOVES horses, part of my decision for doing this!). We hoped in our sleigh ride and the driver covered us with warm fur blankets and we were off!

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Not 10 minutes into our beautiful ride through the mountains of Breckenridge, CO our driver told us that we would be stopping to take pictures and let the horse rest! I was not expecting her to stop so fast and immediately started to get nervous that I would mess up this moment we would remember for the rest of our lives! She asked if we wanted a picture in the beautiful spot we stopped and of course we said yes. I stuck my arm around her so as to make her think it was just a picture, then as soon as she turned for the picture I dropped to one knee. When she looked back at me I was holding the ring in my hand and looking up into her beautiful eyes. I took her by the hand and said” Nicole Elizabeth Myers, I have been in love with you since the day we met. Will you please do me the honor of being my wife?” She immediately started jumping up and down and I stood up to kiss her!

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We were both so excited and nervous (and cold!) that we were shaking as I slid the ring onto her delicate finger.

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