Nicole and Aerion

Nicole's Proposal in Ocean City, Maryland

How We Met

Aerion and I met in person for the first time on our first date, on October 19, 2013. Our first date was at Busch Gardens, in Williamsburg, Virginia. Since it was nearly Halloween, Busch Gardens had their Howl-O-Scream event going on, which was super fun and full of scares and screams! Aerion and I technically ‘met’ online a week prior to our first date, on OkCupid.

Nicole and Aerion's Engagement in Ocean City, Maryland

We talked non-stop that entire week leading up to our first date – it felt like we knew so much about each other before we even met face-to-face. Our first date was literally 12 hours long but it flew by so fast, and the rest is history! We’ve been together ever since, although for the past several years (since August 2015), we have been a long-distance couple, with Aerion living in Newport News, Virginia, and I am currently located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We will be removing the distance this upcoming summer and are getting married in October 2019. We are so excited!!

Where to Propose in Ocean City, Maryland

P.s. Throughout this post, we’ve included our favorite engagement photos from our engagement shoot in Colonial Williamsburg last year (December 2017) by our wonderful wedding photographers Michael and Jasmine Photography of Newport News, Virginia! They are absolutely amazing, and we can’t wait for them to shoot our wedding day next year!

how they asked

Aerion is a bit quirky and he asked me to marry him like an adorable pirate. First, some backstory: we both enjoy dressing up as pirates and for nearly every year that we’ve been together, we’ve attended the Blackbeard Pirate Festival in Hampton, Virginia – where we both dress up as pirates. In May/June 2017, during one of my trips to visit Aerion, we planned to take a mini vacation in Ocean City, Maryland, right before the pirate festival in Hampton that year. Aerion planned the whole trip and we had a very nice hotel room with a patio directly facing the Ocean City boardwalk and the beautiful beach. It was May 31, 2017. We decided to walk around and play some mini golf that morning. We went to two mini golf places. One of the mini golf places had pirates (of course!) and the other mini golf place had dinosaurs (also not surprising for anyone who knows me – I love dinosaurs!).

After playing mini golf, we walked along the boardwalk and then went to relax in our hotel room for a bit before going down to the beach. Aerion was ‘fiddling’ with his suitcase while I waited for him to get ready to go to the beach, I started texting a mutual friend about how fun our vacation had been so far and that this was the best vacation ever (little did I know!). I was not paying attention to Aerion at all at this point. Then he said “Hey. You”. I looked up and he was standing there holding out a beautiful engagement ring towards me. I freaked out and said, “what is that!?”, Aerion said, “You know what this is.”

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Ocean City, Maryland

I jumped up and started freaking out and then Aerion asked me, “Will you be my first mate?” Side note: Every captain needs a first mate! This was Aerion’s adorable “pirate” way of asking me to be his wife. Also, secretly (or not-so-secretly), I am the captain, but we will let him think he is the captain of this ship, hahaha. So. Back to his proposal. Aerion is just standing there holding a stunning engagement ring towards me. I kind-of-sort-of may have yelled at him to “Get down on one knee!”. He immediately got on one knee for me and then I freaked out saying “Yes, yes, yes!!”. It was a perfect moment for us and I am glad that Aerion put his own quirky “pirate” spin on his proposal. It was a truly perfect moment for both of us.

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