Nicolas and Jessica

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How We Met – her story

Nick and I met in Washington DC back in 2009. We were both there for a dance show with our teams, Culture Shock. He was a part of the Ottawa troupe and I was a part of the Las Vegas troupe. He saw me after the pre-show the night before and I met him on show day. We hit it off immediately! We actually almost kissed that weekend, but got interrupted. We kept in contact for a bit but eventually lost touch. In 2013 I received an unexpected birthday message from Nick. That message started it all again. We talked, texted, and Skyped until he came to visit me in LA that August. We’ve been in a long distance relationship since August 5, 2013. He currently resides in Toronto and I live in Los Angeles.

how they asked – his story

Jess and I have been in a long distance relationship for nearly 4 years now. I lived in Ottawa, then moved to Toronto and she’s lived in Los Angeles. In an effort to close that gap, I felt it was time to take our relationship to the next level. Jess has always been impossible to surprise. My best attempts were always thwarted by her intuition. So I figured when it came to the most important surprise of all, I wouldn’t try to hide it. Rather, I’d hide it in plain sight. Jess has been a professional in the dance industry for a number of years so she’s used to receiving the standard audition notice e-mail. Little did she know, this audition was a ruse and that I was responsible for pulling the strings! With the help of a few of our friends, Jess was led to believe she was auditioning for an unknown artist, dancing to one his songs. The audition song was something I had written for her for this very moment (my vocals were omitted from the first verse and chorus to avoid giving it away).

She made her way through the audition, as per usual, and just as she finished performing the piece, my voice played in the song, and I showed up behind her… …Oh, and she had no Idea I was even in the country ☺️

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From the moment I met this incredible individual, there was chemistry, and it only ever grew from there. Chemistry turned into sparks, and sparks turned into fire. Jess, I love you with all my heart. I want to make you happy. One day soon, we’ll be together, and all this distance will be naught. Until then, whenever you feel some type of way, take a look at your left hand. ??

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I can’t express how thankful I am to everyone who took part in making this proposal happen. THANK YOU

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