Nicola and Trevor

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How We Met

It was Boxing Day 2010 and we were both out that night for our mutual friend Natalie’s birthday! We were in a bar called Brickyard in Essex and at the start, in 2 different groups but as the night went on we ended up all on one table together. That was where me and Trevor finally met. We got chatting at the bar and then before we knew it the night had finished and we was all going to go back to our friend’s house for an after party. We found each other again at the house party and ended up in the Kitchen bonding over our love of Marmite (that we had found in a cupboard) and decided to make marmite on toast and vodka and lemonade in a tea pot with straws. We laughed for hours,Trev finally persuaded me to give him my number and then as they say, the rest is history.

how they asked

For Trevor’s Christmas present I booked a 3 week mini tour of Italy for our holiday the following year and then organised most of it. So when Trev said he would take control of our first stop Milan I was more than happy to hand it over. I continued organising the rest and kept saying to Trev had he even looked into anything to do in Milan. He was very causal about it and mentioned maybe a day trip to Lake Como on one of the days. I was happy with anything so said yes organise it all, il go with the flow and that was the end of that.

Fast forward 8 months and we land in Milan, had a lovely day exploring and then the following day we was going to go to Lake Como for the day as it was a Sunday and lots of things close in Milan on a Sunday- so he tells me! So the following day we get the train to Lake Como and then a boat over to Bellagio. The weather was just perfect, not a cloud in the sky and I even joked that it was a perfect location for a wedding! We had a wonder around and then Trev said there was a lovely Garden we could go have a stroll around. We found “Giardini di Villa Melzi” and I began snapping away taking pictures of how beautiful it was. We came to a band stand and Trev said shall we go in, I didn’t need to be asked twice I thought I was in the sound of music! We walked out onto the balcony looking out over the Lake and I was busy taking it all in (my back to Trev) he got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him! I was in such shock as I thought we had just stumbled across all of this I just burst into tears. It was just something so perfect I will never forget it! We waited for someone to come by to get them to take a pic of exactly where it happened and then we went and celebrated! The boy did good, completely caught off guard and the ring was amazing!!

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