Nicola and Ryan's Sweet Surprise Proposal

How we met: When I moved to Stellenbosch to study, he was already a student there. He contacted me because he had heard I had moved there and he didn’t know anyone else from our small home town. We kept trying to make plans to meet for coffee and then one day I bumped into him on campus. He was going to collect his new banjo from Cape Town the next day and asked if I’d like to accompany him. I was in for an adventure! The banjo was not quite ready, so we spent the afternoon at a coffee shop, getting to know one another. Later that day we watched Madagascar at my house and that’s where it all began ….


how they asked: Ok this might take some time, but I have to explain all the little details in order for everyone to understand the thought and effort that went into my magical proposal. My fiancé (this is only the 6th day of using that word so it’s all very exciting) and I both live in Cape Town, but I am a teacher, so I am at home in the Eastern Cape for the school holidays. He (Ryan, my fiancé) was meant to be at work, but he took a few days leave for all of this and drove 1000km to my home town. He arranged with one of my friends to invite me to stay at her house on Thursday night, so that he could drive out to my farm to ask for my parents’ permission and blessing.

On Friday, my friend and I were driving down my farm road and I noticed my parents vehicle was parked on the side of the road, so I went to check on it and on the steering wheel was a note from Ryan explaining that I needed to get into the vehicle and that he was going to lead me on a trip down memory lane.

He told me in the note to go to our lands and when I got there I saw balloons in one of the big trees. Against the tree was his banjo, because the first “date” we went on was to collect his banjo in Cape Town. Stuck onto the banjo case were pictures from the first few months of our relationship, a bowl of popcorn because we always make a huge bowl of popcorn whenever we watch a movie, a sandwich because whenever he visited me between classes (we were both in university) then I used to make him a sandwich, a dress up hat to symbolise all the times we dress up for parties together, a picture of the first movie we ever watched and lastly, my next note.

The note told me to go to a dam on my farm and when I got there (after struggling to open the farm gates and trying to stop cows from running through the gate), I saw a tent and a camping chair. The camping chair has photos of all our adventures pegged onto it and the letter described all the wonderful aspects of our relationship and travelling together, future plans etc. He encouraged me to spend time looking at the water and reflecting, but I was way too excited and zoomed on to my next stop, my house.

I was certain that he was going to be waiting at the house, but when I got there I saw balloons in the trees, a table with our favourite new snack – camembert and figs – and ANOTHER NOTE!! The opening line was “ha ha, I bet you thought I would be here” (he knows me so well!), but he explained different aspects of our families and how wonderful it is that we all get along and he thought the house represented the importance of family. Anyway, the note told me to go to a deck on the top of our highest hill, which is in the bushes and overlooks the sea.

When I got to the deck it was beautifully decorated in purple bunting, which one of my friends had made, Chinese lanterns, lots of vases of gerberas (my favourite flower) around the perimeter of the deck, our favourite blanket with big cushions and bubbles, framed photos of us – but still no Ryan!

Sweet Surprise Proposal

There was a laptop that said “play me” and it was a video of Ryan, telling me how he wished he could have been there and he hoped I had a fun adventure and that if I listen carefully then I might recognise a song. The video stopped and I heard a guitar. He was hiding under the deck and came out, playing his guitar. He joined me on the deck and sang the most beautiful, romantic song which he had written for me. He then got onto his knee and asked me to marry him. I obviously said yes!!!

My absolute favourite food is mushrooms, so he had kebabs of mushrooms keeping warm and my favourite pudding – crème brule – for afterwards. We sat up on the deck sipping sparkling wine and soaking the excitement in. The full moon (which turned out to be a super moon) was shining over the ocean, adding to the ambiance. When we returned to my house, our close friends and our parents were waiting for us, ready to celebrate our magical day!!!!

Sweet Surprise Proposal

Sweet Surprise Proposal