Nicola and Brendan

How We Met

We met on Dec. 12th 2014 in The Arklow Bay Hotel on the dance floor at a Christmas work night out. He ‘bumped’ into me and I turned around and said “it’s ok” and he ‘bumped’ into me again…we started talking on the dance floor and soon realised we were the only two left so we went to the bar for a drink…..the rest is history ?

how they asked

Let me set the scene. It was a Saturday morning and I was dying of a head cold and felt really under the weather. Brendan works in another county a few hours away so we only get to see each other Saturday nights and Sunday’s. He had come down the Friday night to spend more time together. He got up at 9am and I was thinking “why is he up sooo early on a Saturday?!! I want a lie in. I feel rough!” He was saying “come on babe, carpe diem, let’s go on one of our adventures”. I mustered up the energy for a shower and then started cleaning the house. I was surprised he was being really patient and not hurrying me or telling me to leave it.

We we got in the car and decided to drive to a place called Lough Dan, about an hour away, where we had gone last summer for a walk and I had loved it. It was cold and dreary but it’s so peaceful that I was enjoying it despite not feeling well. We walked for the hour down through the valley and fields, with wild deer around us until we finally got to the edge of the lake. He started doing the titanic pose with me – he was trying to get behind me. Then he asked me to turn around. When I did he was on his knee with the ring box in hand and proceeded to tell me how much he loved me and asked me to marry him. I was in total shock but said “of course”. He put the ring on my finger and lifted me into his arms. Then he said “look over there”. I looked and saw a photographer!!! He had hired the photographer to follow us for the entire hour walk to take sneaky pics along the way and of course of the special moment. I couldn’t believe my eyes! We took more pictures on the hour walk back and Brendan made me cry when he said to me “now you know why I was late down to you last night”… I had thought he’d gone for dinner but he had really gone to my dads house to ask his blessing on marrying me…something which was really important to me. I’m traditional when it comes to this and had always wanted the guy to do that and to know me well enough to pick a ring I’d love which he did. He couldn’t have chosen any better. I felt like I was walking on air that day and 2 weeks on I still can’t quite believe I’m engaged to the love of my life and planning our future together!!!

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Special Thanks

Fran Byrne
 | Photographer