Nicol and Sebastian

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How We Met

Sebastian and I met in high school 5 years ago. We’ve done long distance for three years and he moved to Spain to be closer to me as I studied in Rome. We traveled all over Europe together and our love just grew more and more.

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how they asked

He proposed to me a year and a half ago, I was in PJs with no makeup, and he spontaneously got a ring and popped the question! Of course, I was super surprised since it was not expected! I said yes and was super excited.

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Although we both were very happy, he really wanted to propose to me in a ‘grand’ way and re-popped the question on our 5 year anniversary! He rented out the deck of a Prime restaurant located in Bellagio, right In front of the Fountains! He got two photographers to capture the moment and had my whole family there! It was absolutely the most romantic gesture he’s ever done!

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I loved the way he proposed the first time because it came from his heart and he meant it. I must say though, this second proposal was extremely well planned and a moment I will never forget! Its all about doing the things you love for those you love, getting proposed to twice by the man of my dreams is unheard of and beyond sweet!

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We hope our little story inspires people to get back out there and redo something that maybe didn’t work out the first time! That it’s okay to repeat a proposal, or anything else, break the rules and follow your heart, it will always win ❤

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Special Thanks

Mindy Photography
 | Photographer
Prime Steakhouse
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