Nico and Mike

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How We Met

Mikey and I met each other exactly one year ago on the day I proposed at Fitness First Gym, Kings Cross, Sydney. Both of us were too shy to talk to one another for a long time until I finally said hello.

When I met Mike for our first date, it was simply amazing and I felt an instant connection. Our first date felt like we were already in a relationship. He picked me up after he finished work, we went to the supermarket, bought food for a BBQ, then went to his place and prepared and cooked the food together. We both previously had been in long term relationships but they were relationships that never had the feeling of ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with this guy’. With Mike it’s been such an amazing feeling from the start and the spark never left; it only continued to get stronger and still continues to grow every day.

I consider myself a gay man with a straight mind and Mike was a lot like me. We are both strong on family, kids, and animals and are ready to build a life together.
We started off slowly and our love grew day by day until one day I realised that it was with him that I wanted to spend the rest of my life.

how they asked

For the proposal, I knew I wanted to organise something cool. My first idea was to fly to Italy because that’s where I am from, to a very romantic location but I couldn’t afford it, so my second idea was to have a dance flash mob.

I like dancing, I’m a loud person and for me this was a way for me to be loud in a different way; to be able to shout out my love for Mike.

I knew it would be hard to keep this as a surprise as Mike and I don’t keep secrets from each other, so I found Kate Elizabeth Proposal Planning through Gay Sydney Australia and from there we built a team which I worked with for 2mths to create the ultimate surprise for Mike.
I chose Nader Jewellers to create a custom engagement ring for Mikey. The experience and service there was so wonderful, I returned last week to have a matching ring made for myself.

This proposal was also a way to send a message that “love is love” no matter what your sexuality is. That’s why I chose two Beyoncé songs “Love on top” and “End of time” to dance to. I also wanted one day to be able to re live that moment with Mike so I wanted to create something memorable. Perhaps one day when we are old and we can share it with our children. ?

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