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How We Met

We met 7 years ago at a birthday party. We only spoke briefly although for some reason he left an impression on me. Shortly after he added me on Facebook. For the first year we spoke only occasionally and saw each other a few times. I was still in high school at the time so I didn’t know what “love” was although there was definitely something that drew me to him. 1 year later we started to see each other more frequently. We would talk for hours and hours and he always made me laugh. For the last 6 years we have spoken everyday, it’s crazy how the world brings two people together, when it’s meant to be, it will be.

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how they asked

We had just started our European holiday, first stop was London. On the day we were suppose to leave for our next destination he said- someone is coming to pick us up shortly and take us for a drive. He never tells me where we are going as he always likes to surprise me. Our driver pulled up in a Mercedes and was wearing a suit, I was thinking- well this is a nice start to wherever we are going. 2 hours into our drive we arrived at Thermae Bath Spas where we indulged in a couples pampering, massage & lunch then relaxed in multiple saunas and lastly, the rooftop pool. We then met back with our driver and an hour later arrived at a massive castle. He loves anything historic so I thought it was a “must see” in England and that was the reason for the drive out.

He walked around to my side of the car, opened the door and said- let’s have a look around. He led me along the side of the castle and that’s where I noticed decorations set up all the way to the top of the hill. Once we got to the top not only did we have an amazing view of this castle but also to my surprise was a beautiful picnic set up. We enjoyed the food nicely displayed on a rug with lots of flowers whilst overlooking the views of the castle then headed back.

To my surprise again, he says- we are staying here tonight. I didn’t believe it at first, he is quite the joker so I thought he had to be pulling my leg. An older man in a suit opened the big wooden doors to the castle and welcomed us in. Just ahead of me I saw our suitcases and that’s when I thought, wow really!! Tony turned to me and said- pick any room in here, the castle is all ours. So of course like an excited child I spent the next hour exploring this castle that was “mine”, whilst looking for other guests as I couldn’t believe that this massive castle was actually all ours! He was not joking, there were no other guests, just us and a whole lot of artwork. Upon completion of my room selection and 500 photos taken he told me that we were going somewhere “fancy” for dinner and to be ready by 8pm.

Later that evening as I was getting ready he handed me a pair of beautiful diamond ear rings and said- I want you to wear these tonight. I didn’t suspect anything as he told me the ear rings were an early birthday present. Dinner time came and he led the way, out the back of the castle doors where I saw beautiful fairy lights and candles everywhere! There was a dinner table set up overlooking the water, ever so picturesque. To make the dinner experience even more perfect he had created the menu himself. Organised with the chef was a set menu of all my favourite dishes, so from the entree through to dessert I was being served all my favourite foods! He is one to surprise me with dinners and similar gestures so I was still not expecting the night to end the way it did.

After all courses had been served he walked me over to a bench beside our table that had been covered the whole night. Underneath was a rug and some pillows. As we were getting warm and comfortable a video began to play. I looked up and saw a projection displaying on the castle, it was a video of him, at this stage I knew. The emotions were overwhelming as I watched and listened to all the sweet things he had to say. The video followed with a bunch of pictures of us with lovely messages written over them and “our“ songs playing in the background. I thought the question was coming at the end of the video although then, fireworks went off. He grabbed my hand once more and walked me down the castle steps lined with candles until we reached the bottom where there were even more candles scattered over the grass. As I’m looking up at the fireworks he leads me to the centre of a heart shaped from candles and a sign burning flames spelling out “Will You Marry Me”. I’m now in the centre of a heart with fireworks going off over the water on one side and flames burning on the other side while he was on one knee in front of me and of course, I said YES!

The moment was magical. We watched the fireworks and got caught in the moment dancing along to the music that was still playing while the videographer captured it all. Just when I thought it was over, I discovered my final surprise. Upon arrival back to our room I saw it had all been decorated. A big “Mr & Mrs” banner, roses everywhere, pictures of us in frames and little sweet notes scattered around the room.

We spent the night in the castle and woke up to a beautiful breakfast out on the castle porch under a giant chandelier. As we were finishing brekie to my surprise again arrives our photographer. He was there to take some more photos in and around the castle to keep as a great memory.

I am so grateful that most of the proposal was captured on camera although the moment is indescribable. It was a whole day leading up to the big moment although it felt it went so fast. The castle, the picnic, the dinner, the decorations, the video, the music and the fireworks all made this special moment one like a fairytale. We were also lucky enough to have 8 weeks left of our holiday together, it felt like a celebration of our engagement. I am very grateful, it couldn’t have been any more perfect.

Nicky and Tony's Engagement in Castle in England

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