Nicky and Brad

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How We Met

We were the mere age of 14 and 15, both high school students in a small town in Arizona. I walked into Spanish class my freshman year of high school, and for the next few months, didn’t give the kid that sat next to her the time of day. Over the next two years, there were failed prom proposal attempts, overtly awkward friendship phases, and significant periods of no communication. After those two years of immaturity (mostly on my part) and avoiding the inevitable, I finally realized the catch I’d been missing out on. In September 2011, we began dating. He was the senior quarterback, so as much as I loved the cliche of it all, I knew that I was absolutely head over heels for him.

Brad and I had been through it all in these next five years; two high school graduations, multiple colleges and cross-country trips, and setbacks and triumphs on both ends. Throughout it all, our love succeeded, and soon enough, Brad decided he could put up with me for the rest of our lives and asked me to marry him!! We can’t wait to begin our lives together in Connecticut, since I got lucky enough to get into PA school right near where Brad lives and works! We feel so blessed and fortunate to start our lives together so early and to be by each other’s sides through good times and bad, and for the rest of our lives!

how they asked

Brad had been planning on asking for almost a year since he asked for permission and told the family. Being the anxious, anticipatory person I am, I was not shy about the desire to be engaged, and our families were both SO excited for it to happen. So instead of happening in late December as originally planned Brad switched the proposal date to early November. On 11/11/16, I was visiting Connecticut to interview for grad school, even though I had already been accepted to my top choice (also in Connecticut). Brad had set up a nice dinner date in honor of my acceptance to PA school, so I was expecting to get dolled up for a nice dinner that Friday evening. As the time of our reservation approached, I was basically being rushed out the door by Brad. Confused (and slightly offended) I rushed my mascara and jewelry application, and walked out the front door to see a stretch limo waiting out front for us. Dumbfounded and giddy, I believed Brad when he said that this was just part of the celebration of my grad school acceptance. As we popped the nice bottle of champagne awaiting us inside and lifted the partition, Brad began reiterating how proud of me he was and how much he loved me. This turned into a heartfelt moment of emotions from him followed promptly by him getting down on one knee (which proved difficult in a limo), and proposing. With tears and an obvious “yes!” following, we soaked in the moment before proceeding to our lovely dinner date and announcing the engagement to friends and family! The restaurant had a private table decorated with flowers and confetti, and later that night, Brad’s mom and grandma welcomed us back to their home with cake and champagne. The night was unforgettable and truly a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life!

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