Nicky and Andy

How We Met

Andy was unapologetically himself from day one, I was pretty set on just being friends as he wasn’t my usual type. But on my birthday one year, he showed up on my doorstep with pots, pans and enough ingredients to cook eggs, Benedict, for my whole family- who he hadn’t even met yet. This was a first impression to top all first impressions. Not long after that, I just started seeing him in a different light, he wasn’t just a goofy guy who told terrible jokes, he was this incredibly thoughtful, caring, person with big aspirations and everything I could want in person. We started dating and never stopped.

How They Asked

We were down in Waihi Beach with a few friends at Andy’s family batch for the weekend. One night Andy casually mentions that we should go and get pictures of the sunrise tomorrow morning. One of our friends is an amazing landscape photographer and I had recently got into photography so I was absolutely keen.

We head down the next morning and while our friend is setting up his tripod I am crouched down in the sand getting these really cool photos of the sunrise and the ocean completely in my element- still oblivious.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The proposal was at Waihi Beach in New Zealand

Our friend says ‘hey guys, come over here for a second, this would make a really cute couple photo!’ I jump in front of the camera with Andy and we take a few cute photos. I’m about to walk away when he grabs my hand and starts talking about how its crazy we both spent our childhood at Waihi Beach and now here we are and he’s doing this…From there on in, it feels like a scene from a romantic movie.

Nicky and Andy's Engagement in The proposal was at Waihi Beach in New Zealand

He drops down on one knee and pulls out a little velvet box, just as the sun is rising up over the horizon, encapsulating us in a warm, hazy golden glow. Before he can say much more, I start jumping around like a madwoman screaming YES!!! completely ruining any chance of a romantic moment. Once I compose myself, he puts the most gorgeous sapphire ring on my finger and asks me to marry him again as he assumes I didn’t hear him the first time. It is a sunrise that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

Where to Propose in The proposal was at Waihi Beach in New Zealand

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