Nickole and Lucas

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How We Met

I met Lucas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at a family friend’s wedding a couple of years ago. We spoke very little and just added eachother on social media.. forward sometime after, my brother-in-law started to joke around saying we would make a great couple and are super compatible sharing the same interest… photography being the main thing. I immediately said hahaha no, because long-distance wasn’t even something that crossed my mind. I mean how could a relationship between New York and Rio work? But, God someway somehow brought us together and what started as sending eachother WhatsApp messages and FaceTime calls ended up in countless trips back and forth and now so close to being together forever.

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How They Asked

My fiancé is a photographer and videographer and always wants to take pictures and make videos of wherever we go. Lucas for a few weeks kept showing me his “inspo” pictures and was saying how much he wanted some photos of me for his portfolio. He said he wanted to watch the sunrise and then have a simple beach picnic- obviously, he had to convince me to say yes with food. He chose a dress for me to wear, and once we got to the beach.. he started to set up his tripod to take some photos.. and as he was taking some test shots, without me seeing he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was still half asleep and in literal shock.

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Special Thanks

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