Nicki and Trevor

Proposal Ideas Our living room!

How We Met

Our journey for love was supposed to start on August 1st 2014, but it was too tired, so pushed for August 3rd. In a downtown parking lot, there stood a man sprinkled in rain-droplets and holding a bouquet of flowers. And there was a woman terrified to roll down her window to the better-looking-than-his-online-profile to ask “Are you Trevor?” What was expected to be a 1-2 hour ordeal turned into 6 hours of amazing conversation, good brews, and the perfect first kiss.

how they asked

On May 19th 2016, Nicki didn’t suspect anything unusual. They had talked about wanting to spend their lives together, Trevor had listened to Nicki talk about what she would or wouldn’t want (“I hate holiday proposals!” “I love when it’s intimate.” “It’s not Carl you have to worry about, it’s Karleene.”) Nicki came home from a long night of work to Trevor saying “lets have a Harry Potter marathon!” She put on her festive jammies, made popcorn, and continued to nerd-out when Trevor was trying to make his move.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our living room!

“Which Hogwarts house would you be in?” “Well Gryffindor is about bravery, but Slytherin is like bad-ass…” Nicki trailed on. “What about the Harrisun house?” Trevor asked. “Babe, that’s not apart of Hogwarts, duh!” Nicki jokingly replied. Trevor then pulled out a miniature sorting hat and said “Open him up to find out.” Inside this custom box was Nicki’s dream engagement ring, exactly what she always pictured; black, unconventional, perfect. How could she not say yes?