Nicki and Kris

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How We Met

I met Kris in our junior year of high school in 2010. We were in a class together, but we didn’t know each other well enough to talk. One day when the teacher was sort of letting us do what we wanted, I was talking to this guy that I had a huge crush on at the time. Kris walked over and butted into the conversation, which I was pretty upset about at the time. I mean, I was talking to this guy and Kris was just interrupting! It took us a few weeks to be friends, but with time (and a few real conversations!) we got to be close. I forgot about the other guy and I realized I really liked Kris. I was impatient, though, and he wasn’t asking me out fast enough. So, one day, I just flat out asked if he liked me, and he said he did. He asked me to be his girlfriend after I told him that I liked him too! Through our senior year, four years apart at different universities, and countless late-night Skype dates and nostalgic texts, we’ve been a strong pair and an amazing team for six years.

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how they asked

For our college graduation, we decided to do a Disney cruise to celebrate. They’re my absolute favorite thing, and he’d never been on one, so we saved our money and finally booked a four-night out of Port Canaveral, Florida for the Monday after our ceremonies, just the two of us. We got to the terminal really early to be one of the first people onboard, and when we checked in, we had to wait around inside the terminal for about half an hour before the ship was ready. Port Canaveral has a terminal that’s owned by Disney, so it’s all decorated and the characters show up for pictures if you’re there early enough; we had Captain Mickey pop up while we were waiting. Kris got really excited and begged me to go get our picture with him, even though I told him I was tired and we could just do it once we got on the ship. He insisted, so we got in line. When it was our turn, I walked over to Mickey and said hi while Kris handed my phone to the crew member who was Mickey’s ‘handler’ to take our picture. He was there for a little too long, and Mickey and I joked around about waiting for the phone to work, and finally he came over. We stood on either side of Mickey for a picture. After the first picture, Kris stopped them and got down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I could’ve imagined. I was crying, and the entire terminal of 200-ish people was clapping and cheering for us. It was more perfect than I ever thought it could be. I’ll absolutely never forget it!

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