Nicki and Jeremy

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How We Met

Jeremy and I met at a charity event in October 2017. The second I laid eyes on him, I was obsessed. He instantly made me nervous, and no one ever makes me nervous, so it really freaked me out. I had been divorced for 9 years and never had a desire to get remarried again and I had also lost faith in true, faithful, love. To say that I was jaded would have been an understatement, but the second I met him it was love at first sight. I even pointed him out and said to a girlfriend, ”That one! That man right there! He is meant to be mine!” The only problem was that we were at the charity event with other dates, however, we didn’t let that stop us from having short conversations with each other. We quickly learned that we actually had a lot of friends, and hobbies, in common yet remained respectful to the people we were with so didn’t get a lot of time together.

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Finally, after I couldn’t stop talking about him to a mutual friend of ours, she sends him my number. Right after our dates were over, he reached out to me and the texting began. We held nothing back and asked all the hard questions right away. We both had been divorced, both had children, and both in our mid 30’s, so we didn’t want to waste any time. The more we talked the more everything felt like it was lining up perfectly. Finally, our first date was set for a week out. It was a low key date at his house where he cooked for me (he’s an amazing cook) and we talked for hours. From that moment on, we have been inseparable. It genuinely feels like our souls knew each other in a past life and have been waiting to find each other again. He is my person, through and through.

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how they asked

Jeremy travels a lot for work and I try to join him when I can, so it wasn’t a surprise when he asked me to join him on a work trip to San Diego. I had told him before that I’ve always wanted to see the cliffs in San Diego, so he knew I’d jump to the opportunity. He flew out on a Tuesday while I joined him late Thursday night. He told me that we had a fancy work dinner on Friday with his biggest client, so I had to look nice. I usually go for comfort over style, so most of the time I’m dressed down, so again it didn’t draw a flag by him making sure I was on point. Friday morning, while he went to ”work”, I went shopping and then came back to the hotel where an incredible makeup stylist was waiting for me to do my hair and makeup. Although he surprised me with this awesome little detail, it still raised no flags because he likes to surprise me all the time. I’ve gotten my hair and makeup done for date nights back at home, so the fact that he did this for me in San Diego for a fancy work dinner, didn’t make me think anything out of the ordinary. Once that was complete, he picked me up and we were heading to the cliffs.

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I came up with the idea that we should go before dinner because not only would it be around sunset, but we’d also be dressed up so the selfies would be perfection. Little did I know he had planned that the entire time, I just made it a lot easier for him. As we were walking down to the edge of the cliff’s, I was too fascinated by the gorgeous view to be paying him much attention.

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I kept asking him to hand me my cell phone because I was dying to take pictures yet he kept telling me to wait, that he wanted to get me down to the edge without me falling in my 6″ heels. When we finally reached the edge of the cliffs I was still glued to the scenery so he was at my back. I then heard him say to me ” Remember when I told you that you are my person?” As I responded with ” Yes, why?”, I turn around and see the box in his hand. At that moment I was flooded with emotion and instantly begin to cry. I’m not an emotional person at all, so this really shocked me.

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He got down on one knee and then said, “I want to spend a lifetime proving to you that you’ll always be my person.” I don’t remember details at this point, but based on the pictures I fell down to his level and just cried. He had to stand me back up to put the gorgeous ring on my finger. It was truly an incredible moment. Once I calmed down enough to realize that this was realty, he told me to look behind me because he had another surprise. I turned around and to see a photographer standing there taking pictures. He had documented the entire experience from us getting out of the car, to him helping me down to the edge of the rocky/sandy cliffs in my heels, to him dropping to one knee.

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I immediately start trying to dry my eyes so I don’t look like a complete hot mess in the pictures until he tells me to turn around again for another surprise. Behind us at the top of the cliffs were my parents and the couple that helped get our romance started by sending him my number. The waterworks started all over again. He then proceeds to tell me that they were spending the rest of the weekend with us to celebrate. He knows how much I love Marilyn Monroe, so the next day he had a tour of Hotel Del Coronado planned followed with a sunset cruise on a catamaran just for the 6 of us. He had thought out, planned, and followed through on every single little detail and it was truly a dream come true. Fairy tales do exist because it happened to me. =)

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Special Thanks

Mark Lenoce
 | Photographer
Haydee Olea
 | Hair and Make Up