Nicki and David

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How We Met

David and I met Freshman year in the Student Union @ Chick-Fil-A at Ole Miss- I had received a text from a friend of mine across the hall in a different class that she “met a really cute bot and invited him and his friend to breakfast in the Union and to join.” Cute boy? I’m in! In the Union was a fire safety presentation going on about “dorm room 101” and how to not burn the whole building down. Part of this presentation was free washable tattoos. I snagged one and jokingly threw it on David with the hopes of a good laugh. Little did I know the laughter and jokes to follow us for years to come. I knew then David had a great sense of humor and that’s something I wanted to surround myself with at all chances I got. From there, we became best friends and even had a “friends date” every Wednesday- the schedule never changed; dinner at Chili’s and pick out a Red-box movie. Every Wednesday, for 2 years. After sophomore year of college, David decided to transfer to a different school in Nashville- to say I was sad loosing my best friend is putting it lightly. However, we continued to keep up over the years. Fast forward to October of 2015 and I decided to drop my life in Dallas and move to Nashville. (despite what some may think, David being there was not influencing the decision… ok, maybe a little). We started dating in November, and it became official in January of 2016.

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how they asked

One of our first dates was hiking- we somehow stumbled upon a trail that led us to Steeplechase- where the annual Iriquois Steeplechase Horse Race is held. We saw this bell tower/ announcement stand in the distance and decided to climb it. While up there, I briefly mentioned that it’s a beautiful spot for someone to propose. Said it once and never said it again. David never forgot because February 4, 2017 he flew my mom, dad, and best friend in to pop the question in that very same spot.

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Surrounded by white tulle. candles, rose petals, and even a drone to catch the aerial footage! After he proposed, I looked down to see my best friend who drove in from Memphis and her fiance, my brother who drove in from college, and my 4 legged child, Beau. All my favorites in one place!

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The celebrations continued at our engagement party where the rest of my out-of-town and in-town family and friends gathered. To say it was a special, love filled day is putting it lightly.

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We are so thrilled to have been friends for 7 years, and now engaged to be married!

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