Nicki and Dave

How We Met: Dave and I didn’t have the most exciting ‘meeting’ in the beginning.  We met through mutual friends, and even though it isn’t the most exciting story, it was pure excitement for us.  Right away we knew we had an amazing connection. We started dating just over four years ago, and have been inseperable ever since – going through ups and downs and learning a lot together. We were only 18 when we started dating, and were young and silly, but after our four years together, we are more in love than ever before. We are still learning new things about each other every single day, and it’s so much fun.

Our engagement story: Dave and I had first gone to the Capilano Suspension bridge last winter.  They do it up all beautiful for Christmas time, and it’s called “Canyon Lights”. They put lights all on the suspension bridge, and all over the tree top bridges, and they light up all the trees. It’s just amazing! We loved it so much when we first went.  Now this year, Dave wanted to take me again.

He had to go away for the week for work, but he was going to be back on the Saturday.  He told me that he knew ahead of time that he wanted to propose to me at Capilano, but he just didn’t know when he was going to do it.  I had phoned him and told him that I thought we should go to Canyon Lights when he got home that day.  Then he got nervous because he thought “well I guess tonights the night!

So we headed out there, and Dave seemed a little off. I thought he was maybe just de-stressing from his week away at work, so I thought nothing of it. We arrived there and were both so excited! We waited what seemed like forever in the line up.  Then we were walking in and just admiring all the beautiful lights.  It was a pretty cold night, so we both had on big jackets and gloves and I was wearing a toque.

We started to walk across the suspension bridge (the other side of the bridge is actually the coolest – there’s the treetop adventure and the lights over the pond).  So we got eager and wanted to cross.  I’m always a little nervous going across because it sways a lot and even in the pitch black, you can still see the crashing river way down below.  Then I noticed a really cool part that wasn’t there the year before, so I screamed with excitement, and ran back across the side we just came from.

Dave just followed me – and later, he informed me that he was almost going to do it there.  (Could you imagine if he dropped it?! That’s a far way down!)  Then we were going to the ‘new’ place.  It has a narrow stairway going down beside the mountain.  You are essentially on a hanging platform walkway with a see through floor.  It goes all the way down beside the mountain and around it, and there are different signs teaching about the rocks.

I was reading one of the signs when I heard “Babe”.  I looked over and was in shock!! The man I love was down on one knee beside me.  It was so beautiful.  I got so excited, he put the ring on my finger and I started to jump up and down.  We basically ran through the rest as I skipped with happiness.  I was willing to get frost bitten fingers just so I could wear that ring without my glove on!! Even though it was dark, believe me, that gorgeous ring was still shining!  Then we just finished going to see all of the awesome lights, and couldn’t have been any more happy!  I asked Dave if he was nervous, and he said he wasn’t nervous at what I would say, but he was nervous I wouldn’t like the ring. Then secondly, he was nervous of dropping it!

Photos by Durance Images