Sarah and Nick

How We Met

Nick and I met in high school. I knew who he was, but he had no idea who I was…..until one day in our last year, a couple of months before prom. I was sitting in the library studying and all of a sudden I heard a mutual friend of ours yell my name. I guess they had been talking about prom dates, as Nick didn’t have one yet, and my name came up. I hesitantly went over to the table where they were sitting. Nick immediately looked up at me and blurted out ‘You’ve never kissed anyone??!?’. It was true, but I was absolutely mortified. He and a couple of other guys at the table jokingly started a ‘bachelorette’ process to win my first kiss. We’ve now been together for almost 8 years, so I guess he won.

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How They Asked

It was a random Monday, and when I came home from work, Nick stopped me at the door of our apartment and told me to go put comfortable clothes on, because he had a surprise for me. I thought it was a bit odd, but I was feeling down after missing a family get-together that weekend, so I figured he was just trying to cheer me up (which he’s always been pretty good at). I got changed super cute and came out to the kitchen. On the table was a letter, and a backpack full of ‘tools’. I opened the letter to find I was being sent on a scavenger hunt. So for the next hour, I ran around like a little kid, collecting clues and prizes like wine and chocolate.

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Nick and I have always shared a love for fishing and have spent most of our summers over the last 7 years fishing at my family’s lake house. So when the 12th and final clue said ‘I’m hooked’, I immediately ran to the closet where we keep our tackle boxes. At this point, my heart was racing….I thought this might be leading to a proposal, but was trying not to get my hopes up. In the top of his old tackle box was another envelope saying ‘final prize’. Nick called me from the living room and said I had to come in there to open the last prize. I opened it and pulled out a fishing lure, and was excited to add it to my collection. Then Nick explained that it was a special lure, and that I had to turn it over. On the back, he had wrote ‘will you marry me?’ I couldn’t even finish reading it before I was in tears and he was on one knee pulling out the most perfect ring.