Samantha and Nick

how we met

We met at a college event, very briefly. We kept stumbling in to one another afterward because as it turns out, we were both accounting majors. I don’t think either of us suspected we were “the one” which is the opposite of every basic love story. But I think what makes our love special, is how we built it. We grew to know each other in group settings, and eventually to understand each other when it was just the two of us. I know every person claims they are marrying their best friend, but we really are. We were best friends first, and for a long time. Nick never left my side when my father passed away in September 2013 and was there again when my mother passed away almost exactly one year later. I would be a fool not to understand the signs. We were clearly meant to be something so much more to each other than friends.

Now almost 4.5 years later we are so proud of the life and teamwork we’ve built.

how they asked

The proposal was simple. We had been working on a partner yoga pose for months, and one morning he woke up and decided that we were finally going to do it THAT VERY DAY. We tried a failed a few times, and we laughed so much just playing and being goofy together in our home. We finally got the pose right, and held it long enough for it to count! We were exhausted and excited and riding a teamwork high even more grand than usual when Nick starts talking about all we’ve been through. We took a beautiful trip down memory lane that day and when we were done Nick began talking about the things we are still planning to do. It was the best thing I’d ever imagined, having those things to look forward to with him. When he got down on one knee I didn’t think it was real. The custom made Heidi Gibson ring fit my personality and style so perfectly I thought maybe I had dreamed it all. But it was real, and now I get to marry a man who honors my family’s memory and keeps them present in our lives. In all my life, I never could have asked for someone more incredible to call my husband.

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