Nick and Myndi

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How we met

Nick was best friends with the man my sister would soon marry. We actually met a few times prior to their wedding, but we really got to know each other at their wedding on the island of Maui. Ever since then, we’ve been inseparable. The wedding on the island was the perfect setting to fall in love, and we did! Hawaii holds a special place in my heart for this reason.

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how they asked

Nick proposed to me on Christmas Day 2016. We exchanged our gifts to one another like we always do, just the two of us and our two fur-babies (dogs). He had gotten me all I asked for- running shoes, workout clothes, perfumes and more. I was already very pleased with all my gifts and having him off from work to spend the day with me was present enough. Suddenly, he stated that he had forgotten one present upstairs and needed to go grab it. I knew something was up at this point, but wasn’t sure what he had up his sleeve. He came back downstairs holding a ring box. He grabbed my hand, got down on one knee and told me how our lives together for the past three years have been the best of his life.

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He proceeded with those four magical words every girl longs to hear, “Will you marry me?” Without a heartbeat of hesitation I said yes! I couldn’t wait to go to my parents house to share the news with our family. We headed over to my parents house with some champagne ready to go. When we walked in, I could hardly wait to announce the news. I hugged my parents and wished them a marry Christmas.

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I held out the champagne bottle with my left hand and stuck it in the air, sparkly ring glistening in the Christmas lights, and said “We brought champagne, would you like some?” Everyone burst into congratulations. Hugs, happy tears and champagne flowed from each of us. It was a Christmas I will never forget!

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Special Thanks

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