Michele and Nick

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How We Met

My friend Allison was dating a guy named Mark – the two of them met online. Mark threw a Super Bowl Party, and while there, one of his friends (Nick) asked Allison to help him edit his online profile to make sure it was “appealing” from a woman’s prospective. Allison made it half way though before declaring she has someone to set him up with (me).

I was a little reluctant but Allison was persistent in saying, “Look, I think Mark is the one. I’m going to marry this guy and I want you to meet him anyways, so let’s double.” So we did and it worked!

(Side note: Mark was the one for Allison and I was a bridesmaid in their wedding this Summer!)

how they asked

Nick and I hadn’t been dating for very long when I introduced him to the family I babysat for. The kids were crazy about us as a couple, and they’d only met Nick a half a dozen times before the little girl Stella asked me, “So when are you going to tell him you L-O-V-E him?”

“What? I just met him. Love takes time. Just because you go on a bunch of dates does not mean you love someone. You don’t just throw the word love around. You need to be sure. Really sure.”

“He loves you too. I can tell by the way he looks at you,” was her reply.

A few nights later I was on the train home I found a little note folded up in my purse. The note was addressed:

To: Nick
From: Stella

I opened it, and inside it said:

To: Nick
Michele Love’s you.

I think her plan was for him to find it first or that I would give it to him without looking at it, and that maybe then he would tell me he loved me too.

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I folded the note back how I found it and placed it securely in my wallet. I kept that note on me every day until I was really, really sure I wanted to tell him. When the time came (well… the second time the time came…the first time I chickened out), I give Nick the note and that’s how I told him I loved him for the first time.

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When I moved in with Nick, we framed Stella’s note and hung it in our bedroom as a daily reminder of the love a little girl saw in our eyes even before we admitted out loud.

Then on a winter morning Nick came into our room and he knelt down beside our bed where I was still fighting with the idea of getting up. He stated he had something for me and handed me a folded piece of paper. It was written in that same familiar little handwriting hanging on our wall. This time it read:

To: Michele
From: Stella

I opened it, and inside it said:

Nick wants to Marry You.
From: Stella

Then he asked me to spend the the rest of my life with him.

Now both notes share a frame in our living room.

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Special Thanks

Sarah Fagan
 | Photography
Emily B
 | Ring