Lauren and Nick

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How We Met

Nick and I met working at Starbucks together while attending the University of Maryland. After many of months working together and lots of group gatherings, he couldn’t help but let me know that he had more feelings for me. We hung out one night after work and the rest was history. We spend the next year studying, working, and moving forward with our degrees together and after graduation we moved in together.

how they asked

After just buying our first house together, we headed off to Riviera Maya on a family vacation with Nick’s family to celebrate our graduations (a year late). I was on my spring break from my first year teaching 7th grade and he took time off from work to head off to paradise. On our second night there, after a very relaxing day at the pool Nick tried to convince me to head down to the beach. I was reluctant, as I had just finished downloading the Grey’s Anatomy episode of the week and was very determined to catch up. After many times turning him down, his brother finally came up with his camera and told us the family wanted to take family pictures. Hearing this, I got ready (slower then they would have preferred, as they were trying to make sunset) and we headed down to the beach. As we were making our way down, I could see his family off to the side. I tried to pull him in that direction, but he had other plans and pulled me the opposite way. As soon as he did, I knew this was going to be it. He expressed a bunch of sentiments that to this day I have to make him repeat to remember, as I was in such a daze. He fumbled getting the ring out of his pocket and as he got down on one knee I knew this was everything I had ever dreamed of and more.

Following the proposal, which was applauded by everyone on the beach, we ran over to his family to be greeted with a million hugs. I immediately called my parents and friends and the wedding planning hasn’t stopped since :)

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