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how we met

Nick and I met our junior year of college at the University of Pittsburgh. It was move in day and we were living next door to each other. When we met he offered to help me carry in my things. At the time I was dating someone else but my mom suggested that he would be a nice boy for my sister to date, she went to Pitt too and was a freshman. Over the next year our groups of friends got to know each other and we hung out all the time. Nick and I initially were not the best of friends. However things changed the next summer going into senior year. We lived in Pittsburgh that summer and we can probably admit it was one of the best summer of our lives. We hung out more often and we started dating! From that point on we were inseparable.

Over the next 6 years our lives took us in many directions. I moved back home for a while, Nick lived in Texas for a short time, and then I started grad school. We always stayed together though no matter what. With every change we took it in stride and grew. We knew we had something special and found a relationship where we made each other better and happier. In 2012 we moved in together and lived in Pittsburgh, Pa!

These past years we have learned a lot about each other and have grown into the adults we are today. Nick loves the outdoors and because of him I have grown to love it too. He loves to fish, hike, and kayak. He is always researching great fishing spots and making fly rods. He has many hobbies which I have enjoyed watching over the years. We love to travel, explore, cook, and try new foods. I am typically taking pictures of everything. I love photographs and document everything!

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how they asked

In 2014 I was finishing up grad school and we decided to plan a big trip that following summer to celebrate. We decided to go to San Francisco. We planned this trip for 8 months. We nonstop researched amazing places to eat, where to explore, and where to hike! While we were there we took many day trips, one of which was to Carmel and Big Sur. We were most excited for Big Sur because we were staying in a gorgeous cabin there. We were anticipating it for months! A few days before we left, Nick suggested we stop by a beach that was mentioned in his fishing book he recently bought. I thought nothing of this. This is a very typical Nick thing.

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We went to Garrapata beach. It was gorgeous. We walked the beach and took some pictures. We were on our way to leave and Nick suggest we go to the top of this cliff over look. I was hesitant at first because it was off the path but I gave in. It was beautiful and an amazing spot for pictures.

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Before I knew it he was down on one knee, asking me to marry him! I was shocked. It was honestly the last thing I expected. However it was a no brainer. I said YES! Nick is my best friend, my other half, my confidant. He has supported me and encouraged me through everything in life. He has made me more adventurous, makes me laugh like no one else, and allowed me love like I couldn’t imagine. He is my everything.

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Nick though went a step further and hired an amazing photographer and got it all on camera because he knew I would want to capture this moment. We then had a picnic on the beach! It was the perfect day and the perfect beginning to our amazing trip!

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