Nick and Laura's Romantic Vineyard Proposal

How we met: We met at a bowling alley. Nick had the most creative bowling technique I had ever seen, and we laughed about it almost the entire time. Later that week he sent me a Facebook message asking me if I had read the Hunger Games — if you don’t know us, we’re both book nerds — and everything grew from there!

vineyard marriage proposal_2

how they asked: Laura: We had done a shoot with Ben & Sophia Photography this summer and Sophia sent me a message about a week before the big day asking me if we would be interested in helping them do a fall styled shoot. I LOVE pictures, so I checked with Nick and responded, ‘yes’ as quickly as possible.” We showed up to the what I had thought then “Fall Styled Shoot,” and posed for pictures.

Closer to sunset we moved out into the vineyards to capture the sun setting between the vines. In the middle of this part of the session, they had me close my eyes, which I didn’t find strange because we’d done this pose this summer, but when I opened them, Nick was getting down on one knee!

vineyard marriage proposal_3

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Despite his difficulty getting the ring out of his pocket, he did perfectly and it is a moment that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. And Ben & Sophia captured every single moment of it. What more could a girl want?!

Nick: I was trying to be smooth getting it out, but it got stuck! But really, when I showed her the ring she didn’t even look at it and immediately said ‘Yes!’ When I told her she hadn’t even looked at the ring, all she said was ‘I don’t care, yes!’ Talk about a winner.

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Photos by: Ben & Sophia Photography