Laura and Nick

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How We Met

I was visiting with a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in awhile, and I asked her if she had any updates in her dating life. She told me about how she had joined a few dating sites, explaining how they worked and telling me that I should give them a try. I, having a rather reluctant and dismal attitude towards, joined one of the free sites, saying that I would just try it out and see what it’s like, but being sure that nothing would ever come of it. I was on the site for no more than 3 days when I decided that nothing was coming of it and it felt like a waste of my time. That day when I checked my mailbox to see a message from a guy whose nickname was “AdamIsEveless”. “Ha”, I thought, “that’s pretty clever”, and I messaged him back. I remember thinking that this guy was really interesting to talk to, and that he seemed to have a similar sense of humour to mine, making him hilarious – of course! We messaged through the site for a few weeks before exchanging our numbers, and then texting every day from then on. After awhile of texting, he started to occasionally bring up the possibility of us meeting in person. I had always thought to myself that I could never ever meet up with someone who I met online, and continued to put it off and make excuses for why I wasn’t able to. After yet another one of his attempts and my excuses, he explained that there was no use in us texting each other so much and developing feelings for each other if we had no chemistry and didn’t get along well in person. This struck a chord with me, and I knew he was right, so I hesitantly agreed to meet him. We made plans to meet at the Tim Horton’s near my apartment, and I was drove myself there, I was going back and forth between whether I actually wanted to go through with this or not. Assuring myself that if it went really downhill I could just take my tea and go, I arrived and started to head inside. He had already got there, and I could see him through the window, sitting and waiting for me. I knew this was my last chance to turn around and run, but something made keep walking, enter the doors, and officially meet this guy. We ended up staying there talking for over 2 hours and only quit because he had to get up early for work the next morning. I drove away with a big smile on my face, so thankful that I didn’t run away when I had the chance. Little did I know that this guy who I had been so reluctant to meet up with in person would one day be my husband!

how they asked

It was the evening of Thursday, October 22nd. I had an exam the following morning and was getting set up to study when Nick texted me, asking if I wanted to grab some Tim Horton’s. Thinking that a caffeine fix was just what I needed for the night of studying ahead, I agreed and we went to the Tim Horton’s where our first date (and many afterwards) was held. Before heading inside, Nick mentioned how he had finished the poem he wrote. Now this poem originated from a time about a month prior when Nick was bored at work, and as a way to fill the time, I had suggested he wrote me a poem. He had been working on this poem and giving me updates as he went along. So finally, knowing that the poem was finally finished, I asked if she I read it. No, Nick said, but claimed that he would rather read it to me. “Well…Go ahead!” I said, but Nick claimed it was too dark in the car. “What about in Tim Horton’s?” I suggested, but Nick again turned it down as he felt there would be too many people around. Feeling a little confused about why this had to be so difficult, but also knowing I had to get back home and study, I suggested we just continue on with our Tim Horton’s date. We went inside, enjoyed our Tim Horton’s, and as we headed out to car, Nick suggested that we go on a walk around the block. I, not being too keen on the idea, reluctantly agreed, and was soon complaining about the cold and suggesting we go back to the car so that he could read the poem there. Nick pressed on, explaining how we had to be standing and how he wanted to film my reaction to the poem – since he had put so much work into it. I thought that this was all ridiculous, but continued to walk along. Unfortunately, there were no locations along our trail that satisfied Nick, so we ended up back at the car. “I guess I’ll just read it to you on Saturday”, Nick said feeling defeated, and I, who still didn’t understand why this had to be such a big deal, agreed and asked Nick to drive me back to my apartment so I could study, so they headed back. But instead of stopping at my apartment, Nick drove right by, explaining that he thought there was somewhere on Western’s campus that would work. I, feeling slightly annoyed with reminders of studying going off in my head, agreed, asking him to do it quickly. We arrived on campus and parked in front of the Health Science Building, where we had come in the past to stargaze. We got out of the car, and after Nick set up his phone to record a movie, he finally proceeded to read me the poem. It was a beautiful poem that talked about our relationship from his perspective and how it had progressed, and the last line read “When I think about the rest of my life, I can’t imagine it without her as my wife.” With that, he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I, being in shock, asked if he was serious, and after having my mind race and being distracted by the ring he was holding in his hand, I realized I hadn’t even heard him ask the question. I asked him if he had already asked, and when he said had, I responded with “Yes, absolutely yes!”