Nick and Kelly

How We Met

Our love story began over 8 years ago. We went to the same high school and one day in the lunchroom Nick was hanging around me and my friends. I had just broken up with another boy and was very upset, to me as such a young girl it seemed like the end of the world! Nick saw me crying from across the table and wrapped his arms around me in big bear hug. He saw a young girl upset who just needed someone to comfort her, he continues to this day to know how to comfort me and care for me. We spent the next 3 years of high school attached at the hip.

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We spent many nights up late talking on the phone, coordinating our class schedules, and attending dances and school functions. Nick has always been supportive of me in my theatrical endeavors, even learning to swing dance, because he knows how much I love to dance. While I went and supported him as he road his bicycle up and down mountains. We are two very different and independent people who could not imagine life without the other. We went off to college and learned a lot more about one another as we had the adventure to live together.

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It proved to be a challenge but in the end made us closer and closer with every day. Then came huge changes, Nick moved back home to pursue a different career path in aviation, but I had to finish Nursing School. We have since spent the last 4 years a part. Long distance has proven to be one of our biggest challenges, but our love and fondness for one another’s company has never faltered. Yes we as many other couples have had our arguments and times of trouble, but we have never stopped loving one another.

how they asked

I am attending Nursing School in another town about 2 hours away from where Nick and my family live. It was midterms week and I was very busy studying with my friends. Nick had thought of everything. He knows me so well that he coordinated with my friends to keep me in town long enough for him to come pick me up before I headed home for Spring Break. My good friends at school had devised a plan with Nick to get me to wear this special dress Nick had bought me years prior (The dress has bicycles on it, Nick loves to ride his bike almost as much as he loves me). My friends told me that they wanted to take a picture of us all dressed up before we left for our last Spring Break.

They convinced me I had to wear the bicycle dress after hearing the story some time ago. I love this dress and I cannot imagine wearing anything else for such a special day. I was clueless as to what was going to happen later in the afternoon of Thursday the 23rd of March. We were planning on going to Mexico for Spring Break with friends and so that day I had my bags packed and my car ready to leave for home to meet up with Nick to go on our trip. Nick thought of everything he had his sister cancel plans with me to keep me from leaving too soon and my friends convinced me to stay in town to have an early lunch with them. After lunch with my friends, one of them asked if we could take her husband lunch who works at our local airport, this is a regular thing for us to do, so I thought nothing of it and agreed to drive us up to the airport.

We drove up to the airport and as I pulled into the parking lot I remember seeing a young man and thinking to myself “that boy is cute, I like his beard and his jacket (he was wearing a vintage aviation bomber jacket, I have always told Nick he needed one)….” and then said aloud “That looks like Nick, that is Nick!” I parked the car and my friends pulled me out and got my luggage out of the car. I started to cry asking why he was there and he told me that he had convinced his boss to come and pick me up. Nick is an aviation mechanic, he works for a helicopter company.

He told me that they needed to do a maintenance flight and he convinced his boss to come down to my town and pick me up because he knows how much I hate driving, this is very true I do hate to drive event the mere two hours back to my hometown. Nick quickly put me and my luggage in the helicopter. It was a beautiful 45 minute ride and I was so excited to finally get to fly. Nick knows I had longed to fly in the helicopter and I thought what a wonderful surprise it was. As we were flying over the lake which my mother lives on, the pilot asked if I would like to fly over my mother’s house and show him.

I agreed and as we flew past he swung the helicopter around and started to land the helicopter on a barge parked just on my mother’s beach, there was a lot of flooding this year and there was not enough beach for the helicopter to land on, so Nick had to coordinate to get a barge so that they could land a helicopter at that spot. It was in that moment that I realized what was going on as I saw Nick’s 1966 Ford Pickup parked on my mothers lawn (Nick drove the truck throughout high school and I loved to ride along in it, we also took it to prom).

I thought to myself “it’s happening…” Nick pulled me out of the helicopter and stood me up in the bed of the truck. Out of his jacket pocket he pulled out a small red velvet box and he asked me to marry him. I of course said yes with utter excitement. We have waited over 8 years for this day! Little did I know he had a good friend snapping pictures of the wonderful moment so that we may cherish the memories of that day forever. Then we went on our trip to Mexico, it was like a Pre-Honeymoon!

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