Jenna and Nick

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How We Met

Nick and I first met 8 years ago in college through mutual friends. He was roommates with one of my childhood friends so I got to know him very well. I knew from the moment I met him that he was someone special. We started dating a few years after meeting. Over the last 8 years we have had countless memories together as a couple and with our amazingly close group of friends but most importantly we have grown, transformed and matured into who we are today. We have been each others support system, mentors and best friends.

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how they asked

I was on a family ski trip to Vail, Colorado visiting my aunt and uncle with my mom, step-dad, older brother & sister, brother in-law, niece and a family friend. We coined the trip “VAILentines” since it overlapped with Valentines Day. I was heavy hearted when I found out that my boyfriend, Nick, couldn’t join us on the trip due to his work schedule. Feeling torn between missing Valentines Day with my boyfriend or missing a family vacation Nick selflessly persuaded me go on the trip. Living in New England, skiing and snowboarding have always been a huge part of my life. It is the core that brings my family together and so many everlasting memories have been creating through it. My family and I flew from Boston, MA to Denver, CO on a Sunday to start our “VAILentines” trip. We spent the beginning of the week exploring the breathtaking mountain and the picture-perfect village.

On Thursday my sister, brother in-law and I called the day a little early and decided to go to Vail Village to meet my brother and some friends at a local bar for are drinks/snacks. Mid meal we got a call from my mother that she had landed us reservation to bowl at a bowling ally in Vail Village. At this time, the sun had set and Vail Village was lite up like the North Pole. Every tree was perfectly strung with lights and live music filled the streets. My siblings and I ventured across the village to meet the rest of our family for our reservations. We met in front of a skating rink were we recapped and laughed about the afternoon. On lookers watched people merrily skate around the rink from the second story balcony.

As we watched the skaters, my sister called out to me that Nicks doppelganger was walking down the stairs. I looked over and absentmindedly agreed with her (throughout the week we saw multiple men that looked exactly like him!) As the man approach our group I said, “wow that really does look like Nick” then I realized that it WAS NICK. I stumbled back in disbelief and broke down in tears and squeezed him as if I had never hugged him before. I kept saying, “what are you doing here” and “how did you get here!”. At this time I still had no idea what he was doing but I was thrilled that he somehow traveled 3/4 across the United States to join me and my family. With our arms wrapped around each other he told me that he loved me. Surrounded by all of my family in the most magical place on earth, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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With tears pouring down my face I couldn’t even spit out the word yes. I just hugged him, kissed him and continued to squeal. I always knew I would marry Nick. He is and will always be my dream man.

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