Nick and Harleen

How We Met

College, UC Davis — we met at a mutual friend’s apartment. At the time she was fired. She loved debating. I remember she took odds with some of the things I was saying and challenged me on it. I was left with the impression that she had strong opinions. It was the beginning of a friendship. We were probably friends for over 10 years (on and off dating other people), before we actually started dating each other.

I guess our first “official date,” would be the Valentines day we spent together after she moved back up to Northern California. We planned to spend time together on that day and it just _happened_ to be valentines. There was a big pillow fight scheduled in the city that day, so we drove up, pillows in hand. For the most part, I let the little kids hit me. I hit one little girl back and she started crying — which made me feel terrible. Harleen felt too bad to hit anyone. Afterward, we had dinner and went to the California Academy of the Sciences for their nightlife event. We had fun checking out the exhibits. In the end, I gave her a kiss goodnight and she handed me a paper-plane she had folded with a heart drawn on an inside flap. It was a reference to a Disney short about paper-planes we had watched together….it was her way of showing she liked me.

How They Asked

We love when a proposal evolves from a super romantic love story, just like Nick and Harleen’s! The two went on their first date to a huge, city-wide pillow fight. At the end of the night, Harleen handed Nick a paper airplane (a reference to a short film they had watched together, and her way of showing her affection!) On the day of the proposal, Nick brought Harleen to a rose garden, only to find a beautiful gazebo covered in twinkle lights (referencing Harleen’s love of Christmas lights) and paper airplanes.

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One single airplane was red with a heart on the wing and contained a love letter inside.

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