Brittany and Nick

How We Met

We met at a week-long training for work in St. Charles, Illinois as first-year IT consultants, fresh out of college. We both interned for the same company the prior summer but didn’t meet until we started full-time in September 2012! We were introduced at one of the many networking events during training but really became friends during Karaoke night where we sang many songs and danced all night. We were working out of different offices, so, after training, we talked and joked via the company chat application and text messaging. We quickly become close, but it wasn’t until a year after training that I visited Nick in Dallas for the first time – he introduced me to real barbecue, and we learned how to two-step together! A year later, Nick moved to NYC to be near me and start a new job. We were now a normal couple – living in the same city – and things only got better from there.

how they asked

In late 2017, Nick and I took a big vacation to South America (Chile and Argentina) – neither of us had been before so a lot of research and planning went into this trip. Little did I know (since we’re always traveling), Nick was planning this trip with a proposal in mind the whole time. Nick had already asked for my parent’s blessing over the summer and our families knew it was going to happen.

Nick’s plan was to propose when we were alone on top of a mountain in the Andes because he gets nervous around crowds of people. Unfortunately, that plan did not work out, since the guided hike the day before changed from moderate difficulty to extreme. Needless to say, we canceled the second day of hiking when neither of us could walk, so Nick had to come up with a last minute backup plan (which is why it’s lucky he is “go with the flow”).

Nick suggested we sign up for a long massage and then go to the Baha’i Temple outside Santiago for what was supposed to be the best sunset view. We got kicked out of the visiting area as the temple closed and then got kicked out of the parking lot, as Nick waited for everyone to leave as the sun began to set. He set up his camera and tripod and then it happened. I was shocked and speechless and repeated over and over “is this really happening??”

We celebrated our new engagement for the rest of the trip, including in Mendoza wine country and culturally vibrant Buenos Aires. Finally, we were greeted with love by family and friends when we returned home to New York!

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