Nick and Ashley

How We Met: We actually met through a mutual friend while I was in a relationship with someone else. I wanted to throw a surprise party for my then boyfriend and needed a place to have it. His close friend suggested asking friend of theirs, who turned out to be Nick. Nick offered to host the surprise party and we met a few times before-hand in preparation. For the next year and a half we were friends.

After we both suffered painful break-ups we each realized that we deserved better and then slowly over another six month period we realized that we had found better in each other.

how they asked: I went out of town for my best friend’s wedding and was gone a week. I returned home at 12am on our 4 year anniversary. Nick picked me up from the airport with a small boquet of flowers and a bag of m&ms like he always does. When we got home I found that I had a second, much LARGER boquet waiting for me there. They were gorgeous!

In the morning we got ready and he took me out to his parent’s beautiful 11 acre property. I love it out there and we have spent more than one romantic evening just looking out over the land and watching the horses play. His plan was to do much the same that morning. I made our favorite breakfast of my grama’s french toast, eggs, and bacon, even though he had planned to make it because he says I make it better. Unfortunately for him it was cold and wet outside so his plan for a romantic breakfast picnic was not to be realized. We ate inside instead and enjoyed our meal immensely. After breakfast he asked me to accompany him outside (despite my protests at the cold) to sit on the swing together.

I finally agreed and he carried me out to the swing. When we got out there he set me down and sat down next to me. He was breathing like he’d just run a mile and I couldn’t understand why, I’m just not that heavy! It was at this point that I realized he had also carried the dog out there with us and wouldn’t let her go play like she wanted. It was too muddy for him to get on one knee so instead he sat very close to me on the swing and placed our Daisy girl on my lap and said, “Daisy needs to give you something…”

As I saw my ring hanging from her collar he began his very short but sweet speech. He couldn’t continue because he started crying but he managed to get out my full name and “Will you marry me?” I was so completely shocked that I just kept saying “What are you doing? You’re crazy!” until he finally asked again. I of course said “Yes!” and for dinner that night he took me back to the restaraunt he took me to for our first anniversary.IMG_9758