Alex and Nick


How We Met

I met Nick in history class during my junior year of college. He sat in front of me and would always come in late and ask me to borrow a pen. We started talking more and more, which eventually led to hanging out together.


We became best friends, and I knew he was special. While we were dating, we would always make hiking trips to NY’s Thacher Park.

The views were absolutely incredible, and I loved that he shared with me a place that was so special to him. Now, so special to us.

how they asked

Nick brought up going to Thacher Park for his birthday, which is where we went on our first hike. He wanted to take some good pictures with the fall foliage, perhaps to share on my Instagram account, @veggininthecity. Although tempted, I refused to go on the hike saying “the drive is too long” and “it’s going to rain.”

He kept pushing, but I wasn’t budging. Finally, I convinced him that we could go another weekend. Two weeks later, we drove to our favorite hiking trail, a portion of the Indian Ladder trail at Thacher Park. It was very cold, but the foliage and the views were absolutely beautiful and made up for it. I couldn’t help but get emotional.

We spent so much time together in Upstate NY, both attending college in the area where Nick had also grown up. Now that we live in NYC together, I really miss the beauty of nature and being in the mountains. After a short hike, we came down to our favorite spot which is right beneath the waterfalls.


I noticed a woman who looked like a professional photographer taking pictures of the view, but thought nothing of it. This was the spot where we had agreed to take the photos for my Instagram account, @veggininthecity.


Nick took some pictures, and when I looked at them, I did not like how I looked with my extra layers on. He suggested we take our coats off for a minute.

As we went back to take more pictures, Nick turned to me and said “so the real reason I wanted to bring you here…”. Immediately, I knew what was coming and was completely overwhelmed with joy, shock, excitement and love for him all at the same time.


He knelt down on one knee, pulled out a box from his back pocket and said “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.




Will you marry me?” In a state of complete amazement, I became awed with the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen in my life.


I took the ring and put it on my finger, and then I finally replied “YES!”


Special Thanks

Natalia Rodriquez @nataliarob_photo
Natalia Rob Photography