Nicholle and Daniel

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How We Met

Daniel and I met through After an initial wink from me and a few messages and phone calls back and forth for two weeks, we decided to meet at Max Burger in West Hartford on January 15th, of 2014. Our very first date made us feel like teenagers again, from butterflies during dinner to kissing in the car. Our relationship was so natural, and despite different personalities, it took off at a rapid pace. We then went on hikes together, worked out together, traveled together, and finally met each other’s family and friends. We moved in together after a year of dating and we have now been together for three and a half years when we got engaged.

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how they asked

On the weekend of July 8th 2017, we took a weekend vacation to Providence, Rhode Island with another couple. After a full day of frolicking around the city and enjoying some drinks at a local brewery, we all went back to the air B&B and to get ready for a nice dinner and the Water Fire event. We all had a nice steak dinner at Fleming’s Steak House and walked over to the Water Fire event after dinner. After walking around the busy streets and exploring entertainers throughout the event, Daniel had asked me if I was interested in the Starry Night Exhibit they were just walking by. I said “Yes, why not!”. Daniel donated $25 to take part in this exhibit. Both of us had to write a dedication on a piece of paper separately (that attached to a luminary) and a wish together that would be attached to a pre-made star that was hung on a string within the trees in the park. I had a little trouble writing a dedication at first but after a few minutes of thinking what to write, I wrote my dedication. Daniel wrote his. We then wrote our wish together that read “We wish to live a life together full of love, happiness, and faith in our future.” We were walked over into the park with a volunteer worker to find a spot to hang our star and luminaries. Still unsuspecting, I find two lines intersecting that made a cross and we decided to hang it there. As the sun was setting, the volunteers hang it up for us and Daniel asks me what I wrote for my dedication. I read mine to him, “I dedicate my life to helping children with disabilities find their true talents and strengths to succeed in life”. Daniel then says to me, “This is why I love you so much, because you devote your life to helping those with disabilities.” He then reads his dedication and started to tear up as he knelt down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage with the blue stars above us in the trees. The rest of the night was spent in awe, trying to call all immediate family and friends. Our very romantic, unforgettable night ended with a boat ride on the river alongside the water fire and a late night visit to a little quaint spot “The Duck and Bunny” to have a light dessert and a celebratory drink.

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Special Thanks

Andrew DePaulo and Kait Reid
 | Planning and Photographer for proposal
Providence WaterFire
 | Photographer
Danielle Gallo
 | Photographer