Nichole and Taylor

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How We Met

We met at a mutual friend’s house party in 2013. We were in our 4th year of university and were introduced to each other by our “inside-joke” nicknames, Nicki Minaj and T-PAIN. Already sounds like a match made in heaven, right? After this night, we realized we had quite a few number of friends in common, but we haven’t met all this time. It was good timing as we were now both single. We hit it off right away and had a fun summer, but it wasn’t until October when we became official. Nichole was going to go away on exchange to the UK for 4-months in January, so there was some hesitation of making things official so soon. But we knew we were both crazy about each other. 4-months of long distance and pining for each other at the beginning of our relationship was rough, but we got through it and at the end of the semester, we were both graduated and travelled Europe together. Barcelona, Croatia, Prague, Berlin, Poland and Amsterdam. It was a super romantic and epic summer. We were/are both so different, but opposites sometimes do really attract. Taylor was in school for Civil Engineering and was going to head into his Master’s of Science in Structural Engineering and Nichole was in school for Business. Taylor is a bit shy and reserved and Nichole is more outgoing and bubbly. We’re different but we just click. We easily have become each other’s best friends and partner’s in crime. We think it’s safe to say that soulmates really do exist. It sounds super cheesy, but it’s true.

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how they asked

We went on a trip to Northern California in September 2016, close to our three year anniversary. My brother, who I’m very close with, had just moved to San Francisco so it was the perfect opportunity to take a trip.We both have a great love for the outdoors and Northern Cali was the perfect destination for adventure. Taylor brought the ring on the trip knowing he was going to propose but was searching for the perfect moment. He hiked all the way up Yosemite’s Glacier point, ready to pop the question, but right at the peak he chickened out because he’s ever so slightly afraid of heights and feared dropping the ring down 7000ft. He was determined to try again during a romantic day of wining and dining in Nappa Valley, but unfortunately I was a little bit too tipsy after one too many tastings of wine. Justi took us out to have dinner and drinks at a food truck fest in a neighbourhood called Sausalito in San Francisco. It was a nice but crisp night. We ate fish tacos and burger sliders (YUM!) by the fire and drank mulled wine and hot chocolate with Baileys. It was a great night and you could see all the stars in the sky. After a little while, I decided that we should all head back because it was getting a little to chilly out for my [her] liking. Justin and Taylor insisted that we should check out Crissy Field Beach while we were already so closeby. Apparently it was the best and closest view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Taylor is a sucker for bridges as he’s a structural engineer who designs them and I’m a sucker for pristine landscapes for Instagram photos (lol). So I agreed and we all headed over to the beach. It was pitch black on the way… “Hmm, it’s pretty dark, maybe we should go tomorrow?”, I said. The guys insisted that we still go because we were already so close. There were sprinklers turned on all along the field, it was cold and we were getting sprayed. “OMG. Guys. Are you sure this is worth it?”. “Yes! We’re almost there, look!”. After running past the line of sprinklers, there it was, the Golden Gate Bridge, lit up in all it’s glory. It was such a pretty site. The beach was completely deserted. It was just us, the lit up sky and the sound of the water crashing on the beach. We enjoyed the view, snapped some photos and decided to head back. As we we turned around and started walking, Taylor snagged my hand and said, “wait”. He guided me [her] towards the warming hut by the beach where there was a dim light, got down on one knee and started proposing. “Oh my…..”. I was loss for words and couldn’t help but giggle. I always giggle when I’m nervous and you could tell this engineer was too. I responded to this romantic profession of love and this question with “absolutely!” and the rest is history. We are both ecstatic to spend our lives together and continuing to write our story of epic love.

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Special Thanks

Anni Graham
 | Photographer