Nichole and Mikey

how we met

Honestly, the night we met was all a blur. We were at a party. At one point we became partners in a game and won. He did not leave until he knew I made it home safe. From that time on there was not a day that passed that we didn’t see each other.

how they asked

The proposal was the biggest surprise. I asked Mikey for our 7th anniversary together for family pictures with the dogs. They are our children, of course. I sent up the photo shoot. little did I know Mikey bought a ring and had it shipped to his parents house. The day of our photo shoot he messaged Ariel our photographer and asked if he could propose as a surprise. She didn’t get the message until after the shoot. The photo shoot was great. I was so excited to see the pictures. A few days after the photo shoot I received a message from Ariel explaining that something happened to her SD card and part of our pictures had been lost. I’ve worked with Ariel before and it didn’t even occur to me that she would be lying. I set a time that weekend to try and recreate the lost pictures. Luckily enough she mentioned it was the photos at the end of our shoot. I had changed into a flowy dress and Mikey and I were dancing in a field of wild flowers. I knew I wanted this pictures. The night to recreate the pictures I was getting ready and practicing my twirl in the dining room while Mikey finished getting ready. Little did I know he was laughing in the bathroom and didn’t want to spoil the surprise. We arrived the wild flower field. Ariel stuck to her “technology sucks” plan and we began to recreate some of the single shots she took of me. Then she called over to Mikey and he joined us. She told us to put our foreheads together and to look into each others eyes. I remember her saying ” think of every good memory you have had for the past 7 years.” I could feel my heart heat through my ears and my eyes start to water. Seven years flashed before my eyes. In that moment I saw Mikey smile in what felt like slow motion. I could the love and pure joy in his eyes. he pulled away and started digging in his pocket. ” what are you doing?!” I exclaimed. He pulled out a ring and my jaw dropped. It’s been 7 years I didn’t think we would ever get married at this point. We’ve talked about marriage but it has never been super important to us. We choose to buy a home and build our lives before spending our time, energy, and money on wedding. I said thank you as tears fell. Of course I wouldn’t say no. I felt like I was floating, I didn’t know what to do with my hands. It was the biggest surprise. I’m still so extremely excited to marry my best friend.


Special Thanks

Photos by Ariel
 | Photography