Nichole and Jaime

How We Met

Jaime and I met at McDonalds, odd sounding I know. We worked together, and after a long week of listening to me complain about an ex, he finally decided to actually flirt with me to make me feel better. We had flirted back and forth for weeks before we actually got to talking.

how they asked

My Family and I were getting photos done like we do every fall, and obviously with us being together he is considered family along with my two best friends. We had just finished up group photos and my mother wanted us to go around to the back of the building we had just taken photos at; of course me being stubborn I didn’t understand why we had to go around the back of the building we had just finished taking photos at. I had walked across the bridge to get ready to leave, when my bestfriend came over with pink roses and a note. I asked her what the flowers were for (of course my heart was jumping out of my chest) she told me to read the note. This note was a full page typed, about all the things he loved about me. At this point my hands were shaking and my father made the comment that I was a slow reader. I finished the note and looked up to see him getting on to one knee. I stated oh god, and he asked me.

Image 1 of Nichole and Jaime

Image 2 of Nichole and Jaime