Nichole and Brad

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how we met

Brad and I met at a bar… SO romantic, I know! I have lived in Raleigh, North Carolina my whole life and he had just moved here from Annapolis, Maryland. He had only been in Raleigh about four months when we met. After a long day at work, working extra hours for a grand opening, I went home ready to RELAX. Recently graduated from college, I still lived in my college house with two roommates. The locks on the doors had been changed the day before and when I arrived home from work that night I realized I had the wrong key and neither of my roommates were home. I immediately plopped down on the front porch steps and started calling my roommates. Both of them were downtown and I knew trying to meet up with them was going to be a hassle. I called one of my other best friends and she said her and some others were taking a party bus downtown and they could pick me up on the way. Realizing that may be my only option so late in the night, I (exhaustedly) agreed. Now don’t get me wrong, any other night I would have been SO excited to take a party bus for a night on the town, but this particular night I had ZERO energy and was looking forward to a movie night! When the party bus arrived, I sat down in the only open seat, next to a guy leaned over (looking like he had WAY too much to drink). About half way there he started throwing up and I couldn’t have been more grossed out or annoyed. For not wanting to go out, this was really starting the night off BAD.

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When we pulled up to the bar, I jumped off the bus and immediately went inside to get a drink (I knew it was going to be a LONG night). As I was waiting for the bartender to bring my drink, I glanced across the bar and spotted the most gorgeous guy. Throughout the night I couldn’t help but stare his way and every time I did, we caught eyes. Toward the end of the night, my friends and I were standing near him and his friends and we all started chatting. Eventually it was just him and I and we had an instant connection. His fun personality and beautiful smile made everything that had gone wrong that night, seem so right. We talked (and laughed) the whole night and he eventually he asked for my number. We had such a good time that we went on a date the very NEXT night—and had another wonderful night! We have been inseparable ever since and still to this day he takes my breath away. He is the one of the most kind hearted people I have ever met and SO much FUN. I couldn’t be more thankful about getting locked out of the house that night!

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how they asked

Brad and I had gone up to Annapolis, Maryland (where he is from) for a friend’s wedding on Labor Day weekend. We were staying with his parents, in the house he grew up. Brad woke me up that Saturday morning and said he had to run to the FedEx office to pick up a package for his mom. I replied, “Oh, I’ll just ride with you. I would like to get coffee anyways.” He said, “No, you stay and sleep in, I’ll be right back.” Long story short, I ended up going with him because I was already up and insisted. I stayed in the car while he ran into FedEx. He came back with a small package and I said, “What is it”? He threw the box in the back real quick and said, “Nothing”! I thought it was kind of weird but didn’t think much of it. We attended our friend’s wedding that evening and had the best time. The following morning at 5:30, Brad woke me up and whispered, “Let’s go watch the sunrise on the Annapolis Bridge”. I literally thought he was crazy and quickly replied, “No, it’s too early and I’m tired”! He was so persistent and said it was on his bucket list, to watch the sunrise over the Annapolis Bridge. To give you a little background, the Annapolis Bridge has always been a special place to Brad. He grew up there and would always go on early morning runs over the bridge before he started his day.

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He begged me to get up and when I realized he was actually getting dressed, I knew there was no way I was getting out of it. I dragged myself out of bed and threw on the closest t-shirt and yoga pants. I will never forget how energetic he was that morning. Barely awake, I was actually annoyed by his chipper mood so early in the morning, after a long night. He had fixed us a little coffee picnic, so we could drink our coffee while watching the sunrise. As we walked up the bridge the sun was just beginning to rise. We stopped at the very top and he poured us coffee. The view was absolutely breathtaking. Brad pointed over to the right, at the Naval Academy and said, “How gorgeous is the sky over there”? As I looked to admire the sky, I would have NEVER in a million years guessed what would be waiting when I turned back around.

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He was on one knee with the most amazing ring, in the most perfect matching box, a Mrs. Box. If you remember the FedEx story from earlier, Brad had known forever that I love the Mrs. Boxes and when he realized he wanted to propose that weekend, he had it overnighted to his parent’s house. THAT’S what was in the box, that he so badly didn’t want me reading the label on! I was in complete shock and never realized how emotional of a moment it would be. Everything was a complete blur and I don’t even think he actually asked me to marry him… until he stood up.

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The feeling I had that day was absolutely perfect. I am such a planner and perfectionist, that it is REALLY hard to surprise me. Brad pulled it off 100% and that is why he is my other half. That day will forever be so special to us and I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to start our life together.

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