Nichole and Bernadin

Nichole's Proposal in Militia fight academy

Bernadin invited nichole to what she thought was a promo video for his militia kickboxing team. As Bernadin is sparring he falls to the ground, screaming in pain. Instinctually Nichole runs over and begins to console him. He continues to moan and groan crouched over in pain. All of a sudden he turns around and begins to stare at nichole with a grin on his face. Nichole stares back still trying to figure out if he is okay. All of a sudden she looks down and sees a beautiful ring in his hand. Everyone in the room begins to applaud. Nichole realizes what is happening and literally drops and executes the perfect backward roll because she is unable to contain her excitement. She still does not notice all of the family and friends that walked in upon Bernadin’s “fall” to the ground. Still in awe, Nichole walks over to Bernadin hugs and kisses him. She hears a voice in the crowd cheering and finally notices her father and her step mother. Nichols runs, hugs, jumps. Literally does it all to express her excitement. She then notices her friends and even her now fiances family present! Everyone in the room was in on the surprise! This was the most creative and thoughtfully planned proposal! Nichole will never forget the time, collaboration, and effort it for her fiance to pull this off!

Proposal Ideas Militia fight academy

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Militia fight academy

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