Nichole and Adam

How We Met: Adam and I met at work. He was a trainer and I was the Marketing Director. We would talk between his training sessions and got to know each other. Eventually he asked me on a date, but he wanted it to be special so it took me to 5 different places in one date. All he places in St. Louis that I had never been, but he thought I would like.

how they asked: Last October my then boyfriend, Adam, and I adopted a 2 year old dachshund-lab mix. We named him Cooper and instantly fell in love with him. Cooper came with many… quirks. For being pretty little he is super strong and very mischievous. After a little while we started to chronicle his antics on Facebook with the hashtag #KeepingUpWithCooper. These posts touched on all of Cooper’s shenanigans- complete with photos; from getting into locked trashcans, getting into cabinets, eating socks- you name, Cooper did it- and we posted it. We gained a small following on his funny hashtag stories.

One night at home Adam turned to me, handed me his phone, and said, “Can you read this Keeping Up With Cooper post and tell me if I should post it?” And this is what I read…

Hi! My name is Cooper and I hope you can keep up with me!

So I’m used to being the center of attention for both of my parents and I’m really struggling with what to do. See my dad got this ring for my mom. He explained to me that he loves her very much and his life has gotten better and better every since meeting her. He said this ring is a symbol that he wants to spend the rest of their lives together and keep building memories together as husband and wife.

He told me it would make him immensely happy and asked if I was OK with sharing her. I’m not so sure how I feel about it though. I mean..I LOVE getting all the attention for myself. But I suppose I could share – as long as they give me extra treats and cuddles.

So what do you think? Should I let me mom say “Yes”? (By the way if you’re reading this, it’s because she said yes! smile emoticon )

#KeepingUpWithCooper #Engaged #HappilyEverAfter

Image 1 of Nichole and Adam

I’m honestly not sure I got past the first part after reading about the ring. I instantly said, “Is this happening?!” I read the rest of the post and saw the photo of Cooper with the ring and started crying. I looked up to see Adam with Cooper sitting next to him, holding the ring. I cried more. He was down on one knee and with tears in his eyes asked me to marry him. I said YES! and hugged and kissed him. It was perfect. (Needless to say our hashtag following grew that day. :) )