Nicholas and Melissa's Photo Shoot Proposal

Kohrs_Lemon_Rebecca_Anne_Photography_NicholasMelissaProposalColor29How We Met – written by Nicholas: We both decided to explore options for meeting a significant other on the website Using the ability to communicate for free Nicholas decided to offer not only his phone number to Melissa but also a meeting place as soon as possible to discourage any doubts.

We had our first meet during a 24 hour guard shift Nicholas had on Fort Lewis and we shared some Popeye’s chicken over various discussions. After Nicholas went to bed for a few hours we both met up for a small fishing outing and then went to karaoke at a local place in Olympia , a couple of hotdogs from Jakes and the rest fell into place.

I decided to live with Melissa after I left the army based on how strong our relationship was at the time. This was the best idea I ever had. For the next 2 1/2 years we struggled through my various jobs and being far away from family in California while we were in Washington, but through it all we remained faithful to our faith and slowly saw what we needed met.

how they asked written by Melissa: In January of 2013 Nick had asked me what I wanted for Valentine’s day. I thought about it for a few days and said I wanted some really nice professional pictures of us. He said he had a few friends that were photographers and maybe they could take some pictures. It took some time before he started looking into it as he had been between jobs. Around November of the the same year he said an old army buddy was taking photography classes and he was willing to take pictures of us as part of a project for class. The friend ended up not being able to, about a month went by and he tried asking another friend but he wasn’t able to either so he referred us to Rebecca Anne. He called her and told her we wanted to do a couples photo session and showed me her website and said to start thinking about some different posses and we talked about where we wanted to take the pictures. He scheduled a day with Rebecca in January of 2014. Shortly after that we were talking about the day he scheduled I asked why not the week before and he said “does it really matter what the date is, it’s just an engagement date” I looked at him and said “what are you talking about?” He quickly said “I mean just pictures you know cause most people call them engagement photos” I didn’t really think anything of it and we went on planning for the session. The day came, we met with Rebecca and started out at The Schmidt house in Olympia, WA.

Shortly into the session he looked at me, held my hands got down on his knee and mumbled some words until he could get “will you marry me?” I said yes and then he said “oh ya I have a ring”. After that Rebecca said he had been talking with her and she knew all about the surprise and he had been planning it since November. He had told all our friends and showed them all the ring, basically everyone knew except me. For the rest of the session we had a great time just being us and in love.

I was beyond happy with all the props Rebecca put together for us since I had no idea and couldn’t bring any. She had such great ideas we decided to ask her to photograph our wedding in Southern California this August. I can’t wait to see the pictures she will take at our wedding and am so happy to get to marry one of the most caring men I know.

Nicholas and Melissa (1)

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Photography by Rebecca Anne Photography