Nicholas and Thanh

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How We Met

It all started in the Fall of 2009 in everyone’s favourite class – Statistics. Nick found a seat in class in the back row. The professor posted a survey question on the board and asked the class to answer. Pulling out his iClicker, Nick went to answer the question but soon realized the clicker had run out of power. Turning to his right, he tapped on his neighbour’s shoulder. As she turned to face him, he saw how beautiful she was and immediately turned nervous and shy. “This is embarrassing,” he said, pointing to his iClicker, “but I forgot to put new batteries in my clicker. Would you happen to have a spare?”. Thanh laughed and said “No, sorry! I’m also out of batteries.” Turning to her right, she asked to share her roommate’s clicker between the three of them. Too bad there wasn’t enough time to pass the batteries down the line to Nick, but he helped them answer the questions anyways. Luckily for Nick, his answers impressed her and she invited him to join her statistics class team for an assignment.Teamwork turned into talking. Talking turned into a coffee date in the rain. A first date turned into a second and the rest is history!

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how they asked

In the winter of 2016, Thanh took Nick home to Vietnam. They went to Ho Tram for the wedding of their friends. Set on a beautiful private beach with only the sound of the crashing waves, Nick saw the perfect setting for the proposal. Many of their favourite memories came at sunrise – all-nighters in university, a scenic tour of Paris, and a early morning race to Wat Arun in Bangkok – so Nick knew dawn would be the right time for this moment. Despite a restless night, Nick woke up early and gathered what he needed for the proposal – a couple of towels to sit on, a few well chosen decorative flowers, and their trusty backpack which had hidden the ring all around Asia.

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He carefully woke Thanh up, asking her to come view the sun rise on the beach with him. Reluctant at first, a sleepy Thanh woke up and followed Nick out to the beach. As they sat out alone together on the beach, watching the light of the sun hit the waves, after years of building their relationship and love, Nick got down on one knee and asked Thanh to marry him, and she said YES.

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