Nicholas and Sarah

How We Met

Hello my name is Nicholas Docktare, I lived to the United Arab Emirates just over ago for work, I’ve lived my whole life in Sarnia, Ontario Canada, working as a registered nurse. I moved over seas because I’ve always felt something in my life was missing. Namely a life partner and traveling the world. Shortly after arriving in Abu Dhabi I met Sarah, my now fiancé. After our first date I knew that she was unlike any woman I’ve ever met in my life. We spent 12 straight hours talking and laughing!!

How They Asked

The next 12 months were spent traveling the world together. We met one another’s families and saw a new country each month together. The culmination was a secret proposal for our 12th country in 12 months in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cappadocia turkey

Nicholas and Sarah's Engagement in Cappadocia turkey

Proposal Ideas Cappadocia turkey


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