Nicholas and Johnny

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How We Met

Living up in Reno/Tahoe, I was a “Man of Honor” for one of my best friends weddings in Long Beach, California. I drove down to help Christina look for a wedding dress and ended up meeting Nick. After meeting, I decided to stay down in Souther California a little longer to get to know him. I’m not one to fall fast and have always had my walls up after a long 7 year relationship. There was something fresh and different about Nick that made me fall in love with him fast.

how they asked

I shoot wedding videos for a living and talking with a photographer friend (Joel Serrato) about Nick, (I had at this point already ordered the ring.) Joel was extremely excited for me wanting to ask Nick to marry me. We talked about him documenting the proposal and when. So our anniversary was coming up (February 22nd) and so I told nick that I was having my friend Joel just shoot some pics for us… but Nick didn’t realize that when the lighting was just right and Joel was ready for the perfect shot, he would tap me on the shoulder to let me know it was time to ask.

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The moment he taped me on the shoulder, I instantly started to tear up, knowing that this moment, this one question, this feeling of asking somebody to be your partner in life… I would never in my dreams thought I was going to be able to experience.

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Growing up, I just never thought I would ever get to have a ring on my finger to show the world that I have the most perfect partner to share my life with.

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Special Thanks

Joel Serrato
 | Photographer