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On my 40th birthday, my boyfriend (now, fiancé) told me to hurry up and get ready for a surprise. Previously, and unbeknownst to me, he had contacted a restaurant named Cirro’s which is a swanky speakeasy restaurant and reserved it so we had the whole place all to ourselves. After having a cocktail, he excused himself for a moment and the server appeared with a greeting card in hand; she instructed me to read the card and follow the instructions. I was to walk out of the restaurant to a sidewalk where there was a placard nailed to a tree. As I made my way down the sidewalk, reading each placard that was a special memory of ours and things that he loved about our relationship, I found that there were eight of them in total (8 is my favorite number). When I arrived at Bern’s Park, which is where we go to sit on “our bench” when we take our walks at night, there were around 40 people waiting for my arrival, all with champagne glasses that were full of bubbly and a raspberry. Aligning the sidewalk that leads to a gorgeous fountain were hurricane vases filled with water and a lit floating candle. I greeted and hugged each person that attended, and even thanked so many of them for attending what I thought was a surprise 40th birthday party, still oblivious to what was really going on; and the eight (8!) people that I am closest to each gave me one tulip, my favorite flower. When I said my hellos, I turned around and there he was, waiting for me to join him at the fountain, arm extended so that he could take my hand in his. He expressed his love and feelings to me, dropped to a knee, and proposed.

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Without a second thought I said, “Yes!” After the congratulations from everyone, we walked across the street to a rooftop bar at Epicurean Hotel where we enjoyed the sunset and celebrated until well after the New Year’s Eve ball dropped. It turned out to be a surprise that I will remember for the rest of my life.

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