Nicholas and Alyson

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Height of Land (mountain side) Rangeley, Maine

How We Met

Nick and I met attending Toll Gate High School in the summer of 2012. We had met in passing before, he even attended junior prom with Kim, who’s one of my bridesmaids! We were both such awkward kids, but we both had a serious crush on each other. Nick took me on our first date to my favorite Italian place in Cranston, Rhode Island. I clearly remember him being an incredible gentlemen, even at the age of sixteen. He even pulled out my chair for me, which I just thought was the best! We went on to date for a few months, before breaking up and going on to see other people.

It wasn’t until adult hood that we would meet again. Nick asked to take me out to dinner (via Instagram, no less!) and I sheepishly obliged. I found myself falling for him, but there was a distinct moment that I knew he was ‘the one’. We were walking through TJ Maxx looking at bathroom decor for the apartment I would soon be moving in to. He was just so patient with me, and I remember looking over my shoulder to find him already looking at me with the look of adoration. It was after that moment that I knew I had found my person, as silly as that sounds.

Nicholas and Alyson's Engagement in Height of Land (mountain side) Rangeley, Maine

how they asked

Nick asked in the most incredible way! He booked us a trip up to the quiet mountains of Rangeley, Maine for his birthday this year. I didn’t think anything of it until we were about half way to our destination. Nick started to worry that we were going to miss the sunset, that he kept saying would be happening at 6:26 PM. I thought it was strange, because he really isn’t a ‘look at the sunset’ kind of man. Regardless, we got to our destination. It’s called the Height of Land, which has an elevation of 1,882 feet. It’s an incredible sight, surrounded by lakes and mountain peaks as far as the eye can see.

We pulled up to the scenic overlook, and Nicks demeanor immediately changed. He asked me to stand at the front of my Jeep so he could set the camera up for a nice picture. While doing this, I noticed him fumbling in the trunk of the car for something. He walked around the side of my Jeep with his hands in his sweatshirt pockets, which really told me that something might be up! He walked up to me and just stood there, he almost looked like he could pass out! His pupils were dilated, he was so nervous. He fumbled in his pockets, and started stuttering and telling me how in love he is with me. It was then that he (shakily!) got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. We were met with other onlookers cheering and clapping. A man walked up to us to tell us about the day he proposed to his wife of eleven years. He told us he walked around with her ring in his pocket for the entire week before because he couldn’t get the words out!

After Nick proposed, I was met with a bouquet of pink roses and a bottle of Champagne. It was the most incredible, amazing proposal I’ve ever seen, although I may be a bit biased!