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We had been planning to travel to Grand Cayman’s for the holidays for months. So on our first full day there we were all relaxing but there was an issue with getting the rental car & we had to do a little bit of grocery shopping so I had barely seen Devin all day because he was running all of those errands while I was just hanging out by the pool. I love to take beach walks, it’s kind of our thing so of course he asked if I wanted to go for one tonight at sunset. Of course I agreed not thinking anything more. I had just come back from the grocery store with the girls & he was a little more dressed up than he was when I left but again I didn’t think too much more.

Our walk was about 30 minutes & on our way back I noticed the patio that usually has chairs on it were no longer there except a table with a champagne bottle & when we got closer there were candles that wrote out “marry me?” We walked up holding hands & I instantly flipped out running backwards & then jumping into his arms.

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I could not stop laughing, jumping up & down & smiling. My dreams became a reality when he got down on one knee. My parents were hiding in the bushes taking pictures while our friends & my siblings were on the balcony doing the same. I was so clueless which made this even more special.

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