Nica and John

Image 1 of Nica and John

How We Met

We met in middle school because I “saved” his life. Went ended up going to high school together. And we also attended the same college. We started dating when I was 17, got engaged 7 years later, and here we are today! We will be getting married on August 31, 2017 in Oahu, Hawaii.

how they asked

John finally took me on a hike in Sausalito that we’ve been trying to go to, it had been ugly weather the other times we’d plan on going. That day the weather was perfect, 87°F in San Francisco and not a cloud in the sky! We hiked about a mile or so and got to the little beach and that’s where he popped the question with a handmade card and the engagement ring of my dreams. We spend the night in the City celebrating with Thai food and ice cream.

Image 2 of Nica and John

Let me just say that this may seem old school but he actually asked permission to marry me from my parents and older brother! He knew that was important to me and I’m glad he was courteous enough to do so. And! He even took me to get my nails done, haha.

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