Nica and Ben

How We Met

Ben and I met Fall 2010 during our Freshman year at Saint Louis University. When January 2011 found me dateless to a sorority date party, a friend from down the hall suggested I ask Ben to be my date. Ben was the goofy tall kid that always hung out with the other boys on my dorm room floor. We were hardly acquaintances but I decided to take a chance and texted him – he said yes! When the night of the date party came, Ben showed up to the pregame with a backpack full of over-sized bottles of wine for my friends and I.

This was when I knew he may be something special.The 6 years following were perfect chaos. Together, we’ve graduated college and grad school, lived hundreds of miles apart, begun new jobs and explored the world. In November 2016, I accept a job offer in Chicago – which finally put an end date to our long distance status. With an end date in sight, we both knew it was finally time to take the next step.

how they asked

One hungover FaceTime session in September 2016 ended in the purchase of two round-trip tickets to Paris. Over the next 6 months, I planned which museums we would visit and which shops I would drag Ben to while he orchestrated a surprise plan of his own. Within the first few hours of our trip, Ben convinced me to dress up and walk along the Seine River near Notre Dame. Although the jet-lag was already setting in, I agreed and let him lead me down the streets of Paris. After stopping for a crepe or so along the way, we arrived at the spot where Ben planned to pop the question – but we were early.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

He had arranged for a hidden photographer to capture the proposal moment at 5 PM. We arrived at 4:45 PM so Ben had some time to kill. After 15 minutes of strange requests from Ben like “No, I don’t want to walk around I just want to sit” and “Let’s go sit on that bench (that was literally like 15 feet away),” he finally spotted the photographer and wasted no time asking the most important question.

Happy sobs and applause from nearby strangers commenced – with a tearful ‘yes’ somewhere in between and a surprise mini engagement photo shoot with a bottle of rosé to follow.

With a new commitment to each other, Ben and I are eager and excited to begin our life together and celebrate the memories to come.

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